Why do I have 50+ 4* @ 1.1?

ok, I have come to the realization that I need to feed off some of these 4* heroes. Am I really going to level up 5 Chaos or Collins? Skittleskull is ok, but do I need 4? Grimm rocks, but will I really use all 4 or 5 that I have?

I am getting tired of expanding my hero roster. It takes me too long to scroll down from the top to bottom anyway.

I have had Triton for over a year and sill looking for a chance to work on him. So now for me, ALL season 1 4* will be fed off unless I don’t have one.

depending on how much you summon, you will need only one copy of most 4* heroes. Exceptions are Rigard and maybe few others like Almur, Jackal. Maybe even Wilbur and some other healers than Rigard.

If you are ftp though, a second Grimm could be useful. A few others come to mind as well… But I don’t really know, I am not ftp.

Heroes i have duplicated (maxed) are :

Rigard x3
BT x2
Melendor x2
Proteus x2 (thinking about doing a 3rd)

Heroes i already have a copy maxed but im slowly leveling the second copy are:

Sonya and Caedmon, tiburtus

Id max another copy of Kiril when i pull his costume.

Heroes i would like to lvl for events are grimm(at least up to 3 maxed grimm) and scarlett (same than grimm).

Other hero that would have 3 maxed copies is G.Jackal.

So if you have the costume these heroes are worth a second copy

BT, Rigard, Melendor, Kiril, Sonya, Caedmon.

Probably the list goes longer with the new costumes incoming and if you want to add tibs or not.

Pd: there are two Valhalla heroes that may be worth of two copies. Mist and Gilinbursti.
Hansel from Grimforest too


Second copies (or even third) are useful in war, where each hero can only be used once.

Also if you have two copies you can field one in costume and one regular in the same team.

I am at the point were I don’t even use all my 4* in a war. About 8 go unused right now. This one I went 5/6. The loss was a close loss. Last was I was lucky enough to go 6/6.

The thing about duplicates is that it gives you flexibility depending on what war teams you will encounter. For example, in most wars, I’ll use all my Sonyas (usually with costume), and my Rigards. OTOH, 5* heroes like Clarissa and Domitia may not get off the bench because there’s no defensive team that are going to be susceptible to purple attacks. For me, cleansers, dispelers, and healers are those you can never have enough of, and having duplicates mean that you have flexibility to color stack when needed.

That being said, there is room to prune depending on the rest of your roster. 5 Chaos is probably too much, but 2 or 3 may be useful if you like the mana cut. Costumes also help out to make them more useful.

If we’re talking about maxed S1 4* heroes, I have:
3x Rigards (1 with emblems, 2x costume only) and another at 3/47
2x Chao (1 with emblems)
2x Hu Tao (1 with emblems)
2x Kiril (1 with emblems)
3x Sonya (1 with emblems, 1x costume only)
2x Grimm (1 with emblems)
3x Melendor (1 with emblems, 2x costume only)
2x Little John (1 with emblems)
2x Caedmon (just got costume)
2x Boldusk (1 with emblems, 1x costume only) with another at 3/1
2x Scarlett (1 with emblem)

Of course, it’s mainly due to what I pulled from TCs and delay in getting 5*s. That doesn’t include other duplicates that are sitting at 3/60, or some at 1/1 that I intend on leveling. Some heroes are riding the bench more than others during wars (Hu Tao and Grimm), but I’ll keep them for flexibility as you never know when you may meet up with an alliance that tanks purple or red. For the record, Grimm is a good hero, it’s just that I got Athena who is my first choice when it comes to def down, when using blue.

So what I do to avoid this is I don’t keep any dupes, period. Yes, I am also a F2P as someone brought that up earlier in the thread. I know my F2P compatriot @Shohoku79 does this as well.

I enjoy the challenge it can bring in ToL and wars (when I participate). It breaks up the monotony of using the same heroes. It saves in gems expanding your roster. It allows for easier experimentation and use of alternate heroes. I think to some degree it is how the game was designed and originally intended. There are probably more reasons and every person’s may be different.

Admittedly it makes it tough if you’re going for number 1, although not terribly more so. You’ll be surprised how manageable quests, etc still are without 3 Proteus and for example.

To be clear, I am not saying keeping dupes is wrong in anyway, it is all personal preference. I do make an exception for dupe 5’s as I am saving them for HA.

Good luck out there.



I keep a second copy of all seasonal heroes, not that more than one is usually needed, but just because the only comes out once a year.
Same for the best event, S2 and Valhalla 4* s.
If cleaning up the bench the S1 4* will be the easiest to get again from both all summon gates and TC20.
I would save copies of Boldtusk, Rigards, Kiril and probably defense debuffers, now that mythic titans are coming

Feed them all off.
I just culled my entire roster of all dupe 4*, exceptions being Proteus and Wilbur.
You will get them again.

You actually stifle your own growth by keeping too many dupes that you do not effectively use…


Kinda what I did. The ones I wanted to keep, I fed to like to get the special increase bonus.

depending on how you pull heroes.
I tend to just feed dupes into whatever I am maxxing at the time.
As in, I fed off a dupe Viktor into Alfrike, to finish her off

But thats just me :upside_down_face:

Some of the 4* are worth to keep more than one and max them like Grimm, Rigards, BT, Alumr, Tiburtus… etc.
But some heros like Hu Tao and Chao I think keep one is enough.
I also keep some 4* healers for wars, because I haven’t that much 5* healers so they are necessary to me.

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