Why do I even bother....signed 1 peeved player!

What are you using to attack it with? I recommend a full party healer (Hawkmoon or Belith) and a hero with Spirit Link, for Guardians Kailani as the better pick. If you have Brienne, her special combines with Spirit Link to help turn the party into a killing machine. The other two should be strikers.

Lacking Brienne, my usual party for Guardians is Berden, Kailani, Tyrum, Valen and Hawkmoon. My battle items are minor healing, minor mana, arrows, and axes.

My first time through a final beginner level though, I had to turtle up, putting Tuck, a nearby party only healer, between my spirit linker (Gunnar, since it was Pirates) and Hawkmoon to boost both their healing and mana regeneration.

If everyone could complete these events, then they wouldn’t be much of a challenge, would they?

Rest assured, though, that there are plenty of players with teams no stronger than yours, who have spent considerably less than you, who are finishing the Beginners stage just fine. Hold on, I’ll take a look…

Edit: I’m ranked about 12,000, so we know that at least 12,000 players have managed to finish the Beginners stage, and I suspect the true number is probably quite a lot higher than that.

Who can outbid 12,000?

I call bull and your attitude stinks. If some of us are recovering addicts you should just be happy in your addiction somewhere and go away.

I’m confused. What are you calling bull on? What attitude are you referring to? What has addiction got to do with anything?

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Currently I’m 11609th place in beginners. Probably won’t change much this close to the end of the event. All the ultra-competitive types still trying to max their scores are already ahead of me.

The problem is that the term “Beginner” is too deceitful. See my new thread in the ideas section. And I’m sorry you can’t beat it. You probably just need a better strategy. I beat it with only a few health potions using Nashgar, Valen, Balthazar, Belith, and Brienne (all maxed).



You can calm down… I think he’s responding to the OP, not you.

Same questions apply regardless of who s/he is addressing. What the heck is s/he talking about?

If you understand, please feel free to translate. Perhaps I’m just hungover.

I’ll outbid, 17,809

Something about 20 chars

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Yep but if i can’t, keep grinding and work hard to improve for the next time.
I never fingering others for what it seems i’m lacking.

Even more if i don’t win anything good no matter what.

My guess is that you are a fairly competitive person just as I am. E&P is a game with a fairly long arc. Beginner means just that, beginner. Do not try to buy your way to the top right away because that will lead only to the frustration that you are now feeling. Take your time. These events repeat and you will get another shot at it later when your teams are more developed. Strive to improve and get better. Enjoy the grind. It is not as bad as it used to be, trust me. My keep is nearly fully completed and now they come out with the second builder, go figure.

Just keep plugging away and do what you can to improve. Do NOT expect to throw cash at the game and head to the top unless you plan on spending tens of thousands of dollars (US). No, that is not an exaggeration. Instead, just take your time and have fun. Oh, and of course, Judiciously spend money but be smart about it. Yeah, I wasn’t at first. I am now. Yeah, I did the same thing you did. I don’t anymore. I decided to be smart about it instead. So, take advice from someone who has already made the mistakes you are about to make and reread what I wrote above.


I would say to look on the leaderboard. Many of the people in the top 100 have similar teams. Use a team like that and the events are manageable. Otherwise many on the forums have posted winning strategies.


Phew, what negativity! Take a deep breath… and try reading the following without getting frustrated :). If you spend this much money, you have enough 3* maxed, and you cant finish lvl10 beginner <<watch out, hard truth coming in>> you are doing something wrong. Instead of blaming the game, or the title ‘beginner’ take a look at your team, and ask for advise here. Do a screenrocord and analyse what went wrong… Is it the choice of heros, choice of battle items, or did you get a sucky board?Dont go too fast! Plan your attacks, stack up buffs and wait for combos to hit the right time. It should be very possible to finish the last state in that manner.

— written below is what I brought to lvl10. Finished it in one try, only Jahangir dying on me. I’m lvl27, playing for about 2,5 months, spend about 15 bucks total.


Brienne (not maxed) — Ulmer — Jahangir — Azar — Prisca —

As you can see… not exactly the most perfect team, or excellent battle items. If I may ask… how long have you been playing, and what heros have you got maxed? There is still a few hours left on the event, maybe ppl here can give you advise, or come to the conclusion that you should focus on next event. Cheers

Oh and read @Otto0000 comment, thought he was spot on.


It took me three months to beat Beginner, partly because I refused to spend any money doing it.

There is lots of good advice all over the Forum on how to succeed doing this event; don’t get discouraged if you weren’t able to do so the first time. There are other players who had the same experience, and you’re in good company. :wink:


Perhaps it should be noted that troops are not mentioned here. When I first attempted a challenge event I had only concentrated on 3and4 * troops I had to purposely go back and take care of my 2* troops to even have a chance. If a person grows too quickly by overspending without understanding the dynamics of the game they’ll miss important queues on what to do next. I’d advise giving it another chance and slowing down a bit. You’ll have more fun and your spending can feel more like a luxury vs an addiction. @MadManPaddy good luck and I’m sorry you don’t like this game. I’m F2P and I thoroughly enjoy it.


No, my attitude doesn’t stink. Online game or retail shopping, doesn’t matter…as someone who pays for a product or service, I have every right to share my frustration when I’m dissatisfied. I’m not condemning anyone, just stating the truth. The events are far to difficult. If I’m in business and a paying customer of mine is frustrated and dissatisfied, I listen. If not, chances are my business won’t last long.

I love the game. It’s just nice to win now and then. You know what I mean?

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Absolutely! Do you have your watchtower to lvl10? After that you need to convert a building to a troop training camp then level up troops. If you want a great place to spend money there it is! I’ve seen teams with level 20 troops and it’s sick what even a weak hero can do! SG has done great at making things better for everyone and in your case, this would be a great avenue! Hopefully others will weigh in on this idea too.
Also, my xp has me at level 28 it’s winter so I have a lot of time, been playing since December. But I have had to grind and learn some hard lessons! Now that you’re on the forum, look around, there is a lot of great advice from awesome people and a lot of people with challenging questions too. Be a part of this community, you’ll enjoy that as well!!!


Thanks for grace extended and ideas/tips offered. Appreciate it.


I DO understand the frustration you feel. Guardians kicked my behind in December. I had used all my 3* heros to feed the better heros I got in good pulls. I wasn’t able to finish any of the tiers. Then Avalon hit in January and that kicked me down more.

But, those two events lit a fire within, and I started focusing on getting my main team leveled, then acquiring and leveling some 3* heros and some 2* troops. I went into this guardians a bit better prepared, but my 3* heros weren’t fully leveled and my troops only around level 2 or 3.

I am sitiing at 18,713 place at the moment, but was able to complete the beginner tier this time, with a minimum of battle items used.

I am not the best at strategy, but the team I used was: brienne, tyrum, gunnar, gan ju, jahangir, in that order.

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