Why do FTP stay when unhappy?

Before deciding to put empires on the back burneri tried a few different games. I didn’t wanna leave one type to find a copy cat (mythwars cough cough) and I also wanted to see with all these bells and whistles current mobile devices have, if they could give me something to wow me.

One game had even worse build times than our lovely base, the other had the absolute worst set up for gear that I have ever seen implemented (had to pay 100 grand per peice of armor to remove and try on another peice…every single time u want to try a new peice or put the old one back on.) Some had graphics that were pretty appealing but it wasn’t until the third game I tried that I actually decided to stick around and see what they had to offer.

Enpires had been my main source of entertainment for over 2 years, many real life friends were playing, and being that a I work a lot, it was a good way to stay in touch with close friends as many of is have children and families now.

A group of us left together to try out the new game and we started bring more and more people over with us, however for all the people who have come and had great conversation about the changes we can see in gaming since empires came out some of the unhappy players that were out looking wouldn’t even give the game a chance to get out of tutorial before they just came back here to gripe more.

Whales I can understand their so called investment to the game, but anyone who has been here for the 3 plus years we have knows that the community is simply a shell of its former self.

Being that I’m coming up on my 1 year noe in my new game, funny how time flies, I have reached out to players as often as possible and looked at the changes to empires to see if they would do anything that might bring us back to the fun glory days of old.

I have heard a barage of excuses,but I for the life of me, have never understood why a totally FTP player would spend months on end unhappy and venting on the forums when they could simply just leave. Other than time, which you are wasting more of staying, why are some FTP players finding it so hard to just pack up and go?


I get the impression a lot of people come here to vent and then feel better. They’re just getting it out. That is more likely than people coming to “gloat” to celebrate success. People complain aloud more than compliment, especially on the internet, so it makes sense to see mostly frustration. The question is how long they carry that frustration after getting it out.



I’m playing since end of March 20, so soon I will be playing the game for one year and I do enjoy it a lot :slight_smile:
I do buy VIP and sometimes the 200 gems for 1,09€, that’s all I invest into the game

I don’t mind for the paywall for certain heroes, my goal isn’t aiming for top100 in raids or for top10 in event quests etc

I just enjoy the content that’s around, I do love the events because I try to get top10k, top5k, I still need to lvl 5* (don’t have one fully leveld yet), my base still needs lots of upgrades and overall there are so many things left to do and I have a lot of areas where I can improve

On the other hand, playing this game for more years I think it can get a bit frustrating, if you leveld most of the tc20 heroes the paywall will really hurt I guess, cause you are not able to get new heroes that easily (invest or be lucky, that’s the only way)

And I think if you have been around for a long time, you might remember “better” days, where zynga wasn’t around and the game wasn’t that much of a “money machine”, but I don’t know these days so I can’t judge that

Just my 2 cents


Don’t worry you will never level all S1 heroes as F2P…
I have been playing for 3 years and I am quite happy as a f2p, because I have quite a good bench of S1 5*, hotm and events.

There is always a bottleneck, doesn’t matter if you pay or not.
If you pay it’s usually materials to ascend all the great 5* you get from the pulls…
If you are F2P the bottleneck it’s usually great 5* heroes not from TC20… HA10 has reduced a little bit that bottleneck.
Last week I got my first 5* non season 1 from HA10, but it will be months untill I get another…


I’m not happy with the direction of the game, but I keep my expectations reasonable.

I know as FTP I will likely never get most of the cool, powerful new heroes…

… or consistently compete at the top…

… or manage to stay above 2800 cups with my mostly-vanilla defense…

so I compete, but know what’s reasonable given my roster. and that helps me still enjoy myself daily.


I tried and failed.

Finded another game which i was truly enjoying for his different mechanic and started grinding as much as i grind here.

I was slowly replacing this game, and then developers of the other game literally did the only thing that could drive me away: totally change the game without warning (and making exactly same as this one).

The very next day i stopped, tried with a bad feedback on google play to have the previous version back, waited a couple of month and then definetely gave up.

That was really a horrible decision from them, and i even had a refound (since i started spending there) because they really changed it in a clumsy (and kinda illegal) way.

After that, i was really discouraged on finding another one.


I’ve definitely noticed a lot of players posting here for the first time in months or even years. Mostly to complain/vent, but they seem to be paying players.

Fwiw, I do vent on here sometimes. I feel it can be a good place to voice my opinion. When costumes for non-S1 heroes are released - which I am strongly against - I can at least say I tried.

I still enjoy playing the game after 3+ years. However, I can see the release of costumes for non-S1 being the final straw for me.

If they can release a costume for Kilhare and Finley, it means they can theoretically release a costume for Vanda and Guardian Panther, my only seasonal and challenge event 5* whom I treasure.

I suppose I will be leaving soon after Springvale.


Simplest answer is the community my friend.

If the community members I’ve grown fond of joined me in other games I enjoy I would have no reason to check in on E&P. Even then there is also a diminishing return on how long the community can hold you to this game as well.

I tried a comeback which found my time with community absolutely delightful but had no enjoyment from the game other than getting my gambling fix by summoning here or there.


Very interesting when I made my attempt to comeback it was quite the opposite. The community was so bad now that it made me realize that I was right to head out when I did. It will be a year next month sense I split my time and going on 90 days that I have logged into empires once a month just to say hey but that old feeling is completely gone.

I simply comeback now and again to either learn of new games other people have tried or to get friends to give the one im playing a shot.

I have some great times and fun memories from my empire days and for thay I will thank SG but the game now…sad.

Very interesting, in my scenario there was recently a huge issue with some players and the company, but literally all of us from empires thought it was way overblown, however watching it happen and seeing them make immediate changes was something I never seen in all my time from SG and being that they really hadn’t done anything wrong in my eyes, it was good to feel that the devs actually cared.

Sorry to here that things went sorry for you. It took us three shots before we found one. Trust me there are some good ones out there.

Why do some people generalize large chunks of the gaming population? I wonder…

I think every level of player breaks down to sub categories . Each area will have its general consensus just like in an mmo, some people want to be dps, some will, some prefer support etc. Each of those brackets if people usually view the game differently as their roles have totally different expectations.

Are you sure of this? My daughter is only missing domitia. She has 28 5* fully ascended, 3 on the run.

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As with similar games I’ve played in the past (although not many), I noticed the following issue: When I had all of the rare gear (be it items, heroes or whatever, for different kinds of games it’s different stuff that’s rare) I kinda got bored very fast and ditch the game. I am happy as F2P (mostly) for 3 and a half months in this game already, I only received a couple gifts for Christmas (VP6 and Rudolf’s VIP deal) from my GF. But it was way more enjoyable for me working on my free VIP with side accounts rather than getting that VIP deal.

I can invest a lot of money in this game and it wouldn’t hurt me. However I choose not to because that will destroy the fun for me. My personal goal is not to compete with anyone but make my progress without resorting to cheats. In this game, money is the cheat since it can give you anything instantly without having to put any effort in achieving it.

Players that are Pay to Win don’t even notice things like beating a rare quest with only 3* heroes, because it never came in their book in the first place since they started with a team of fully ascended 4* and 5*! But for me it was real nice when i was able to beat my first rare quest with just a couple 3/60 4* and three 3*. The slow progression, grinding, against the odds - that’s what makes games like these fun for me. Not some idiotic goal of hitting top 100 in raid arena because frankly with that much RNG, even if I buy the premium heroes and ascend them, I still won’t be able to stick there for too long. Also setting goals like hitting top 100 in raids or getting to the 1% of a challenge event seem to me like overcompensating - people who set themselves such goals and are willing to spend lots of real money to achieve such goals best focus on achievements in real life IMHO. But to each their own, I guess…

Plus there is the issue of investing in pixels. I mean, I have played Magic the Gathering, which is a card game with many expensive cards, and I bought a lot of those. However those cards still have their value since I can sell them to some other players - and there are millions of those. However you cannot sell a maxed out Gravemaker with 20 emblems :slight_smile: you can simply look at it and sigh.


very well said :slight_smile: i still remember the first times I reached Diamond arena in raiding, first time beating ninja Tower, first time getting a higher loot tier in challenge events…

and I still remember every non-vanilla 4* and 5* I pulled and the feeling I got for each, just because it’s so much more uncommon for an FTP (just because FTP tend to do fewer pulls).

nice and precious memories :slight_smile:

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Very well stated. Money to me.had also changed gaming for the worst. Most ftp players actually play the game and see it for what it is, a game. The fact that the gaming world has fully embraced allowing players to skip all the work that was put into creating masterpieces by purchasing advantages is almost sad.

So many people who can’t actually play the game for squat are sitting atop leader boards taking loot from the actual players just because they can. I really miss the old days where everyone had the same chances and skill was what separated gamers not wallets.

Only know you love her when you let her go :joy::joy:

All this work (farming for months just for ascending few heroes) is the mechanic that only exists in free games. It’s here only to create frustration and push people to spend money. I don’t know a single paid game where you need 1500 heroes to ascend one. In fact when I analyze this, I asked me why I accept this and found fun in free games.


Guys, guys, calm down.

@AlexMex - in E&P, you indeed invest in a few heroes by eating thousands, but those heroes then stay with you forever, isn’t that so? They don’t die, they don’t lose xp, they are constantly on the run, constantly useful on many occasions.

Let me tell you about a russian online game called Rage of Mages which I played a lot. It’s pretty old (1998) and…pretty hardcore. Heroes take a lot to level up to max - and then when they die and you revive them, you lose 10% of the hero’s total xp! That is a lot. Also, all the gear they are wearing is lost to another player - and without said gear they’re absolutely no factor in the game. Most common gear can be obtained within couple of hours hard work, risking another set of similar gear to Player Killers. But the most expensive gear costs real money - much like here - and like all other gear, if your hero dies (even on disconnect) it’s lost to you! How’s that for a comparison? Imagine your 80-level Azlar losing 8 levels upon death and all of his emblems - that’s the parallel. Believe me, E&P is a friendly, easy, calm, nice free to play game with access to almost all being F2P.

@DoctorStrange - I fully understand your frustration, especially if you were spending money on E&P. Thing is, you should know better…and sorry for me being so upfront. It’s only logical for such games as E&P to survive on constant monetary flow from players - so they have to make the players pay, and not only once, but all of the time. “” You want to stay on top of events? Well, better rush and buy that new hero we just got for 1000 bucks and buy the mats to ascend him. You want your other hero from the previous season? Well, guess what, the new hero is absolutely OP or…wait, why not nerf your older hero (after all, the old hero did his job, it brought us hundreds of thousands of dollars). “”" The financial strategies of these kind of games are already too well known. They cannot let you sit on something powerful which you obtained years ago just because if they do so, people will stop spending.

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Every now and then.
A F2P will capture lightning in a bottle.
And then get to experience a rush of serotonin that is lost on folks who have a glut of dupes.

But time is something we all invest.

Because next that F2P begins a long journey of developing the lightning. And P2W get to rinse and repeat on the next Hotm, next event, next season… honestly I don’t know why you pick on F2P.
A spender with any memory at all,
will see clearly what return he has traded away in cash.

While the F2P’s return is not in their roster

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