Why do all of you spend so much for guin

I’d also like to point out that grave’s DOT is wiped easily by Vivica or Rigard (I almost always use one or the other.) For me, Grave is really no trouble.

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Agreed. I successfully use Kitty against him.

I agree, I beat her about 9 times out of 10, by stacking Sartana, Rigard and Sabina.

Let me be clear: Grave is still an elite tank. Just not like Guin, who is #1


I hate when people say that. Oh I’ll just bring a cleanser. When you have a bad board or a board you really have to work at you’re more than likely dead before you get a cleanse off… Grave Maker punishes you if you can’t can him out quickly plain and simple, cleansers or not.


@GERATH I am only speaking from personal experience and what has worked for me.
My results are that I have much better results from one versus the other.

I’m not trying to hurt Gravemaker or his feelings. (Don’t we all wear masks?)


I raid frequently and my blue team to counter to GM is probably my best team. Bring 4 blues and Abli. I need 6 tiles to take him out and the longer it takes the lower percentage I have for survival.

I think this is precisely correct. I also have noted that people are much more likely to complain about a defensive hero needing a buff than an offensive hero needing a buff.

That has no bearing at all on how I play or who I go after. Can’t speak for others though. You use what you think will makeup your best defense team.

@KLinMayhem has the truth of it, I think. Sure in a raid you can bring your three dark heroes out and with normal boards take out Guin. But you can’t do that six times over in war.

I was extremely lucky and pulled Guinevere in my first Avalon 10x back in January. I was disappointed at the time, and did some more pulls to get Arthur, who I viewed as the big prize. Turns out that Guin may have been the better hero! Very different uses, though, so tough to compare.


I’ve never skipped a fight because of GM. Rigard sends his regards for defense (cleanses the fire, and brings back any damage done), and Grimm and Richard take him out.

More often than not, makes him less of a factor.

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My Guin group

Greg - Merlin - Guin - Hel - BT

I control the enemies mana. Usually limiting them to less than 2 casts per raid. I switch Merlin for Mitsuko, Hansel or Gretel depending on tank color. Thats why I skip GM groups as the only blue mana controller is Alasi and I don’t have her.

The reason people go after Guin or whoever comes next (and there will be one) is that resources are limited. Mats and the time required to level a hero makes it to where we don’t have the ability to experiment with untested combinations. People are going to follow what seems to be working and put their resources into it. Defense teams…or at least raid defense teams that you can see anytime…matter very little to anyone who has played this game for any length of time.

You can’t play this game cuz you use Guin versus Guin. That’s… that’s like a singularity.
lol :wink:

I will say that I have spent exactly 15 dollars on the knights event total in almost 1 year of playing. Just bought the gem deals and tried, then quickly shrugged when I failed. I did get Merlin & Lance though, so I’ve loved them.

I’d find a home for her in more than just my defense…

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I use panther Khiona and rotate between tibs Merlin and protues

And with alby and tarlak supporting, she’s no issue

What about if you don’t get enough purple tiles? Pretty much any tank will lose if if you stack their weak color and get a good board. The problem is Guin actually forces you to stack to win - every other tank is easily defeatable with a rainbow team.

Really, I have to disagree. Every tank is not easily defeatable with a rainbow team.


I would love to see you beat grave delilah justice azlar isarnia etc with a random team

To me, the math is simple. The question boils down to you want top notch heroes or not. If yes you need to pay and pay dearly, as demanded by SG. If not then accept whatever and do your best. In the end it’s just a game.

That said. For the moment E&P is a game between yellow tanks and purple attackers. SG demands you to pay all your money in order to get to the best yellow tanks and the best purple attackers. :sweat_smile:

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Ok…Ive done it before with many of those.

Okay so you’re going to have to have a little faith, but here’s some screenshots of my raid history (7 wins in a row on attack) followed by my defense team… which is also the team I use for 100% of my attacks. I never switch anything about my raid team no matter who I’m facing. As the raids are in the ~2700 cup range and the cups gained, I think it’s safe to say that they’re not using bad teams… I reroll against Guin, but fight everything else.

If you don’t believe that I used my defense team then I’m not sure what more I can do, other than film a video of me raiding… not sure that’s worth the effort. Hopefully you’re reasonable.


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