Why did you pick E&P?


I was just sitting here thinking. There’s a ton of games both similar and dissimilar out there, how come you went and chose this one? And what about it made you stay with it?

For me personally it was pretty much 100% the name - I had hopes the puzzles part meant it would feature more than one kind of game type. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t, but it seemed fun and the art was nice so I decided to give it a go anyway. And well then the community was fun as well so I guess that hooked me.

So what about you?


I’ve searched for a while now for a match-3 game that I could get attached to. I’d tried games like Puzzles and Dragons and Legendary, but those never stuck. What’s kept me coming back to Empires is that it has both kingdom-builder and PVP elements, but also that match-3 style of puzzle that I enjoy.

I also like the art style as well. The heroes look pretty cool. Hoping future expansions add new characters.


Mine was random chance. It was suggested in another game I was playing and I liked it. It is a little repetitive, but the special quests, the Easter quest and the elemental challenges have been a great time. Yeah, I like this match 3 a lot. I have a single burr under my saddle, but that’s a topic of its own.


To be perfectly honest, Applike. At first I thought it was just another clone of Game of Wars like the hundreds of other ones out there, but it’s not! It offers an exciting and addicting mix of other games.


I’ve recently deleted facebook and twitter because lets be real you could become sucked into that internet false reality bs… Empires and Puzzles really is the only game I’ve ventured out to in my play store and frankly I like it . However there definitely needs to be updates.

  • Sort out elements
  • Upgrade times more realistic
  • Better puzzle boards

I genuinely like my alliance… the beginnings of this game is fantastic …just don’t keep the people waiting for dumb things. (2 day wait time for one or two unpredictable troops) or (buying an element and receiving a common card) . Extremely frustrating and makes ppl not want to play. I hope you all use this advice to make this a have to have game. The layout is awesome but needs work.


I am a live-in support worker in a mens rehab. I work 6 days a week, and when not on shift, im still here… So i needed something. I sold my psvita because i needed money for my wedding, and i figured this game looked time wasting enough… Lol… I stayed for the ego boost.


I tried to find a rpg that I could play on my phone, I found this one and Eternium. I started this one for a day perhaps, but was really looking for a more live action llike rpg. I played Eternium for maybe two weeks got pretty far, but it became too repetitive, and I didn’t feel like I was really getting things done. Even if I became the best in that game, so what. It’s essentially on my platform and no one would know how awesome I was except myself.

The main reason that it was E&P that I came back to, (and I didn’t just find another game) is because it reminds me of SevenDragons. A bbg that I was forced to play by my best friend. He already had 8-9 other people in our town playing and was quite excited. (not to mention He was very very high lvled and wealthly from playing long time). Unfortuntally SD was unexpectably deleted one day with no word of what was going to happen. The website was just gone. I called my homie, and he was like… it’s gone.

How heart breaking right? Anyway, that’s basically why I play, It reminds me of SD. It’s online so people can see how BA I become. And chatting online ingame is cool.



I found it by chance, I really enjoy the leveling up process and the raids, just not a fan of the chance of getting stronger cards when spending money. I play this and gems of war, find that one a bit larger in depth but still enjoy this one :laughing:


I agree. I paid for a gem pack and only got 1 character I could use. It’s still a great game, I just don’t think I’ll spend more money on it than I have.


I chose E&P because my days doing business at the business factory making ludicrous amounts of money were long and gruelling. I noticed I didn’t yet have the option to spend all that money on my cellphone. So I downloaded E&P and now I can spend all that money with progression rates low enough to ensure I can keep busy spending my money forever!



Good marketing to pick it up and a good game to continue playing thru the grind.


I really enjoy Puzzles and Dragons and games like that. I don’t play P&D much because the collection aspect just got to be too much. Way too many characters and way too confusing. However I absolutely love the way the orbs can be moved in P&D and have yet to find a game like it. It’s a unique concept in match-3.

I’ve also played Gems of War and again stopped playing when it just got too complicated. When they introduced the keys and the sigils or whatever they were that could be added to the characters it just became too much to keep up with.

I tried this game because I saw an ad for it and decided to try it. So far, I’ve enjoyed it enough to buy several of the starter packs but turns out that was a mistake. (but I’ve ranted about that enough in other threads).

I’ve tried Legendary and several other RPG Match 3 style games but none of them were interesting enough to keep.

I play lots of other mobile games as well. I tell people that I download hundreds of games onto my tablet and i delete hundreds of games. A few stick around.