Why did SG secretly make war easier for the top 3 alliances?

Thx @Rigs for the information, even if he went about it in the wrong way.

So, I would like to talk about this, specially after one of my teammate rage quit yesterday due to frustration in war. Why is SG secretly (since there is nothing in the fixlist) and intentionally making it easier for the top 3 alliances in war? Just because one of the whales ask for the change so they can face different teams then the algorithm match them with, shouldn’t mean SG should just crave and let them face weaker teams every 5th war. Giving those top 3 alliances a chance to face weaker teams means making those weaker teams face a team they have no chance of beating in war. This seems like a cheat to me.
If SG is ok with this, why stop there and only make changes that benefit the top 3 alliances? How about SG implementing a cheat, I mean a change, that allows other alliances that face weak teams?

Ok, OK, for something more constructive, how about each time those top alliances get to face a weaker team, those top alliances can’t use 2 random classes of heroes?

Lots of people on the forumn have complain about wars becoming boring, but SG only implemented one change for war, and it was to the direct benefit of 3 alliances while hurting other alliances.

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