Why debuffs doesn't stack?

Can someone explain please. When a hero applies a debuff and you use a battle item e.g. a bear banner , why the buffs do not stack?

The easiest answer: Because they don’t. Because the Devs hath decreed it so. :wink:


I completely understand why they don’t stack in strength, but I do wonder why stacking in duration isn’t possible…

I have Grimm and Tiburtus. They have the same special. Rather than stack, they overwrite each other, because same specials don’t stack, because the Game says so. :wink:

I can use Boldtusk (Atk), Grimm (-Def) and the ol Wildcard WuKong, and all of those will work together just fine; they’re all different.

No I understand they overwrite each other, ask I was saying was that it wouldn’t break the game if the duration was increased instead.

If your grim special still had two turns left, and you went to use tiburtus, why couldn’t the overlapping effect become (is the base 3 or 6 turns? I forget) an additional 2 turns?

With so many heroes that remove buffs and debuffs now, it wouldn’t do anything but encourage a more varied team approach.

The only thing I can see making such a change difficult would be the statuses that can’t be removed. If Natalya was to attack with Little John and then be affected by rigard, the coding could get difficult. Other than instances like that though it seems like an approach that just makes sense.

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I just took it that I couldn’t because they said so. Ultimately that’s why. :wink:

Would I prefer things to stack? Suuuure! But I am not sure that would work well for game balance. Where is @Revelate when I need him? :grin:


Stacking in effect:
Stacking armor debuffs wouldnt be a huge problem, since they changed the formula for that.

Stacking attack buffs, could be problematic. But just a cap away from being doable.

Stacking Heal over Times? Holy guacamole what a nightmare! Dispellers would be worth their weight in gold covered diamonds.

Stacking in duration:
It would make titan fights a lot more spray-pray-and-face-roll. Other aspects of the game wouldnt be affected so much.

This way you have to think and observe rather then shoot it whenever you want.

If you are clever, buffs or debuffs never run out the same, no?

Much easier to balance around a single debuff level rather than multiple levels of the same.

It doesn’t matter much TBH as long as the game balance is right, so kudos to SG for taking the smart yes easier way out on this one.

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Does Tib/Grimm’s general -def debuff stack with ie special color based -def debuff of the guardians stack?

Yes, they stack.

So you can have
Athena/Panther/Arthur/Jackal/Falcon all active at the same time

Perhaps it is my gaming background that again sets me apart… But by holding off on a special because I want both effects at full duration would cause a severe drop in dps. At least concerning special skills that both have an effect and deal direct damage. If I use grim and wait on tiburtus any purple tiles I use don’t generate additional mana which reduces the number of specials in the end.

It is a backfire of course, and thats why i like it more.
You have to decide if you want to shot immediately or wait. And decide to wait until expire or compromise losing only some turns.
And in that turns you can decide to not match tiles of the color you are already full.

It’s more fun that way. Having only one right choice is boring as hell :wink:

Thanks for the replies on this guys.

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