Why cleric to 20?

Can someone explain to me why i should f.i. bring Zenobia to 20 as she isn’t a healer?

I’m quite sure it’s not only related to healing by her but also to receiving healing. So if Rigard heals her it will be boosted by 4%.


Healing and critical chance nodes are very underwhelming, they need to be increased to be worth it

2% → 5%

4% → 10%


I would stop at 19 for Zenobia.


She will receive additional healing when healed (the healing node benefits equally all heroes, not just healers), but I agree with the rest that it is not a reason good enough to spend 250 emblems on it. Just that another node is available, you don’t need to take it :slight_smile:


none of my clerics is at +20, I just don’t think this last node is worth 250 emblems


Efficient to stop @ 19

That node is to allow her to RECEIVE more healing by teammate/event buffs/potion.

I’m not sure if you guys know but even though it said 4% extra healing, the exact calculation isn’t as straight forward.

For example, if your hero is healed for 30% and you have 1000hp, you will heal for 300hp. This 4% extra will not make it 340hp. It’s actually 300hp * 4% = 12. So if you emblem that node, your hero will be healed for 312hp. Disgusting I know.


The time of this minor healing are over, bcoz, lots of players play without healer.

These days, taking a minion creator is more efficient & easy HP addition :rofl:

As informed above & various other calculations, 2% or 4% extra healing doesn’t mean much & a simple slash attack takes out higher HP, even many minions take out higher HP…

Hence, unless I really want to take that side of the node for attack or defence … I skip this extra heal part = waste of my emblems.

Last node is for sure, an absolute waste for me !

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Many people are doing that just to boost their egos. That couple points more on their team power is priceless.

Same as I don’t see any point in boosting mana troops to 30 for the extra healing only.

If your goal is to play efficient, ignore it. Ignore it also on Rangers (heck, I ignore even 19 on rangers) and Rogues. 250 emblems are better off spent anywhere else than on useless perks like few % better healing or an extra ticket in the crit chance lottery.

But then of course. It will be so much harder to get that ULTRASCARY team power of 5100. :scream:


Oh, for completion. I know I´ve been guilty of that! But I agree, it seems wildly expensive in materials to emblem that last node.


I leave my mother north at +18. I have 1440 cleric emblems and still don’t think it’s worth it.


Right there with you.

Unless it is strategic benefit of mana 2% / 4% node, I skip going beyond 10 emblems nodes.

Benefit : It leaves lots of available emblems for other heroes…useful in play & no need to buy !


I personally never do 20th node of clerics, rangers and rogues. it’s completely useless, that +5 to team power doesn’t mean much. Lately I completely stopped giving 20th node to all my 5* heroes. I’ll rather wait for tome of golden emblems (hopefully I’ll once get at least 1 of these) Still, I would not use a golden emblem on 20th node of these 3 classes, only for 5* heroes in other classes that I stopped at +19 that I’m sure that I’m never gonna reset.

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The only reason to Cleric to 20 is they are the base and you want to use the costume (ie Mother North for the 4% mana node)

Bar that it’s an easy stop at 19

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ditto C. Vivica! :grin:

Well, no point,

I have never ever ascended any hero to 20 grid talents until the LB has arrived.

Since, I made a decision that all heroes I lb should also have 20 ascensions.

There’s no specific efficiency-based reason, it’s just completeness.

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Pretty sure everyone avoids healing nodes like the plague