Why cap Season 4 -- "the story continues in...."

I activated the omnia harvester and saved 27 WE flaks thinking of completing as much of season 4 as possible only to find out that chapter 4 is locked for 27 days.

Why ?

I doubt we’ll ever get an official reason from SG. Unofficially it’s to have new levels every month and prevent someone from doing exactly what you tried. This is the same as season 2 and 3 rollout so it’s not too surprising.


Oh right when i started doing season 2 and 3 properly they weren’t capped but i left it for months before I started

It’s to allow the season to be released gradually. Same as they did with S2 and S3. We all get to the line and have to pop the breaks on each month.

I guess it’s like how Disney+ rolls out there shows…you can watch 1 a week and let the excitement grow or you can bank them all up (avoid the spoilers) and then binge them in 1 go

Rolling out additional content. So, we’ll have provinces 34-36 release in Feb 2022. And each set of 3 provinces usually come with a new 5* hero

It has always been like that. Just use the rest of the omnia time in S3 or lower. It’s there for farming anyway…

If SG didn’t do the incremental province release and just opened the whole thing up, some folks will burn through the entire season and then there will be complaints in two months that there’s no new content :crazy_face:

I think it’s a good thing to do the gradual province release.


Though I can understand the need to release it gradually, they could have at least allowed enough levels to gather tokens for one summons. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:

You can do 2.4 summons


That is assuming one has a roster to complete hard mode , which at present, I do not . :smile:

If you have the roster to finish S3 up to province 15 and unlock S4, then you have the roster to do at least the first few provinces of S4 in hard mode


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