Why can't we demolish buldings?

Are the game devs aware of the idea of demolishing buildings? It would make sense to be able to remove a farm or something you might have built on accident

UPDATE: Devs have announced the addition of new buildings, and I JUST wasted the last of my space with farms. How do we get those new buildings with no space? NOW it makes sense to have a demolishion option, I don’t need this many farms

The number of buildings is strictly controlled and limited. You can’t build more mines because you have fewer farms etc. Everyone ends up with the same base :relaxed:

It’s more a mechanism about controlling development rather than a strategic element of the game.


Wouldn’t mind getting rid of some of my buildings ><

But I do understand the reasoning behind the mechanics the way they are. I was surprised to find out that all bases end up with the identical number of buildings.

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That’s a great idea and also why can’t we have a friend finder within the game

There’s absolutely no benefit to demolishing buildings… you cannot say demolish a mine to build a farm instead etc. Everyone ends up with exactly the same number and type of buildings and they unlock in the exact same order as you progressively level up your stronghold.

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Yes, but if I don’t need more farms or mines because my storage is constantly full, I don’t need more of them. I just accidentally built another farm that I absolutely don’t need, it would just be nice to have the option

You will definitely want all your farms in the near future :blush:


Please explain to me how tossing away invested resources is in anyway beneficial? There’s literally nothing that can be done with that building space other than to build that exact building. Food is necessary for training heroes and troops, running your Training Camps and is used in literally half of the forge recipes. Iron after your done upgrading your buildings admittedly is only currently utilized by forge recipes but even then having less production makes literally no sense as there’s no penalty for your storage being full.

I would guess you are doing something wrong if you are finding no use for hams and iron, through the early stages I couldn’t get enough.

At some level yes you will find times with extra hams but certainly not before level 20 stronghold.

If your storages are full you’re not utilizing your resources properly…mind you full iron is more common because of long wait times to build. You should never be full of food, it has far more uses than iron.

Demolishing buildings is irrelevant because you can’t replace it with anything different, you can only build a set number of each building and that is it. You will undoubtedly need those resources, I have 9 lvl 20 farms and am still tapped for food every day. I’d build more if I could, but I can’t.

When you build the max amount of all buildings is all the space taken in your base? Is the max amount of buildings the same for all types?

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At max capacity, you should have (at Stronghold Level 20), which unlocks all building spaces.

5 Iron Storages
4 Food Storages
4 Forges*
4 Recruit Houses
4 Mines
9 Farms
4 Training Camps
1 Watchtower

  • It is most recommended that you would convert a Forge (level 5 and above) to a Barracks to be able to upgrade your troops.

Yes and yes, nobody can build any more/different types of buildings than the next person.

Yeah I have barracks already, I only have 5 spaces left. But if I max out all my buildings, what else can the resources be used for other than crafting and training?

Basically for nothing. I have maxed all long time ago and I have my food and iron full almost all the time. Even that I train heroes and level those up and craft items every day. I even convert farm to barracks, because I use 4 forges sometimes.

Someone showed me a building set up that moved my food and iron out of sight; it’s still there when I need it, but I no longer have to look at it when I’m full. Move it all to the bottom level. I think one farm will be left to put wherever. :slight_smile:

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You’ll be able to convert your existing buildings to one of the new types of buildings.

Demolish is barbaric. I’d prefer to be able to cast earthquake spells at my opponents raid towers for extra ham and iron sandwiches.

They need to re-evaluate their mechanism of control, because my 4 iron storages and 1 advanced iron storage are inadequate, and I would love to be able to demolish my lowest level undeveloped forge to make room for another iron storage building. As it is I’ve hit a wall and without increased iron storage I can not level up my town hall, etc. so, if the devs don’t wake up and slow players to knock down a building to clear space, I’ll be quitting and moving on.

Everyone is capped at 5 iron storage buildings, so there is no way to build any additional ones even if you had an empty land slot. Maxing out all of your storages, including one or two advanced storages, should provide enough iron storage to get to the current maximum stronghold level of 23.

If this is not the case, I’d recommend contacting support to submit a ticket.