Why can't we buy what we want

Why can’t we buy what we want with our gems, we work for it, why should we buy gems pack if we can’t purchase what we want, it’s our money. This is the 4TH TIMES I spend 300 gems and got same 3 stars hero’s I have. I’m so close to quiet this game and post comments in my game Facebook. I have over 100k followers, so please do something, you have very interesting game.

It is because it it built as a lottery, with the allure of getting a big prize. The actual cost of buying a specific 5s hero would be something crazy like 50k gems. But instead you have a shot at the big prize by buying a lottery ticket for 300 gems. It is what makes the game both interesting and sometimes immensely frustrating.


You have 100k follower…wow! I’m pretty sure, now the devs will give you whatever you want. Just name it!
Look, I have purchased four 10 Epic Summons.
In each pack were 7-8 3* Heros, often the same one.
That’s life! If we could buy whatever we want, the game would be very unbelanced.
Everyone who can effort, would by the best cards and so we all would have the same cards. Boring!

The lotto system in this game for heroes and items is an important mechanism to keep a balance between free-to-play and pay-to-play. Over time the drop rates may change, but the lotto system is at the foundation of this game.


Hi, I been playing this game for about 3 to 4 months, love what u guys created, it’s fun and addictive but one little dislike, I wish we can choose what we wanna purchase with our dimes, since we work hard for it and if u do this then more ppls would buy more gems from game. Please think about it. Thank you.


This is madness, I been working my @$$ off to earn gems so I can get batter hero but keep getting same ones I have, put yourself in my shoes and tell me how would you feel. Please for God’s sake do something about it. Sorry for being a little rude I am kind of upset.


It would be cool if the game could sense what heroes you already have and give you different ones…but if I got 4 Banes and updated a 5th Bane with them, I could guarantee going up a Special lvl. Different folks might want the first scenario or the second. Hmm…


That’s like saying why can’t I win the lottery when I’ve bought a ticket?

It’s the nature of random lottery picks. All game developers are not going to give people the easy route to being the best, it’s not in their nature. They need money to keep themselves going and the game and are thankful people do spend. I have seen worse P2W systems in games where the odds seem almost impossible to get anything decent.

Once you reside to the fact that the game is about being patient and a long journey, it should change the way you see the game.

I understand the frustration, but it’s what makes these games fun and frustrating. Hope you can still find some enjoyment in the game.

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If we wanted to play the lottery we would download stupid lottery games. The items are just digital. I agree with Mimic. I have read so many frustrated players saying the same thing. They buy the 10’s only to get rubbish.
This encourages players not to spend real money on what looks like a rip off.
Also, you think a digital copy of a 5* hero is worth 50K gems? How absurd, the game is supposed to be entertaining, not frustrating, ridiculously annoying & making players just wanting to quit & delete.


Your reply to Mimic’s comment was completely useless, Having so many followers just means that if she voices her opinion 100,000 ppl multiplied by the followings they have will get to hear how disgustingly terrible the drop rates are on this game.
Mimic is just another player among countless others who feel the same way.
The drop rates a so disgusting, it’s unbelievable.

They made a design choice to create a “lotto” style game. It is their choice to make as it is their game. I spent what I considered a reasonable amount and have an “okay” team. I’ve encountered a few players in alliances who claim to have spent much less and had better luck. So I concluded it is time to stop spending.

In my opinion, this game has great potential, but it falls short of that potential in this area as well as alliance implementation.

This would turn into a very average game if people could buy everything they want. I think a lot of people would just stop playing.

I am sure there are similar games where you can buy whatever you want. Maybe they need a new spender…

The lottory system is fun but it really makes me question why they made AW require 30 heroes. I can’t tell if they wanted alliance wars to be a serious competition or just a for fun on the side kinda deal. Right now Alliance wars is mostly who has the biggest and best hero roster which given the lottory system generally means who bought more tickets.

If they were serious about AW wouldn’t it have been best to let everyone have access to any hero they wanted? Keeping it seperate from raids and world content

And plus at AW when you choose to attack a player they get extra attack boosts from "game it self " thats what it looks like that annoying (red arrow) WHY?

I put a suggestion (Choice of hero resource building) in for a a scheme to get the hero you want. Have a look, note that the number mentioned are only as an example.

I like the game, I think it’s fun an overall has a good balance in combat.
However, I don’t like the lottery nature of the game as the main monetisation effort. It’s an attempt to get people to spend hundreds of dollars just to get the hero they want. There should be some mechanism where people can actually get the heroes they are interested in.

And it’s a bad idea to compare this with a real lottery, which has the purpose of enticing a person to spend money for an infinitesimal chance a winning a large amount of money. No entertainment value. The point of the game however, is to have fun playing it. The minute I no longer enjoy playing it, the game will be turned off, never to run again. I have spent a small amount of money on this game but will not be spending the ridiculous amount ‘required’ for a 5* hero. Seriously, it’s a ‘phone game’ to spend some idle time having fun, not a serious game like Skyrim (still playing modded :slight_smile:).

You nailed it! I won’t purchase anything from this game until I start getting better hero’s for one. I’m not gambler and don’t particularly enjoy getting the same stuff I already have. Its not fun.

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everyone has to play the same odds as everyone else. you cant ge5 any fairer than that without it becoming p2w. sounds frustrating but with how long it takes to progress making s simple budget will do you just fine.

If one could easily buy everything, the game wouldn’t be a challenge and would become boring very fast.

The mystery that not everyone has all the heroes he wants, is one of the main points, that makes the game interesting.

Agreed! I’m not spending like I used to because I keep getting the same heroes I already have.

I definitely feel your pain, I spent over $100 for many pulls got some ok heroes but not the one I truly wanted. Gravemaker is one of the best fire heroes that would go very well with my mono red team and did not get him. I’m hoping I will have another chance to pull him.

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