Why can't this game be like "Legendary Heros"

Why can’t this game be like “Legendary Heros” ??
When there is a bug it is fixed within a week end, AND ALL ISERS GETS REWARDED FOR THEIR PATIENCE.
Plus the graphics is 9x better the sound track is better.
The events are awesome, for this last season what did giant give? A tree n snowmen. Lame.
Legendary gave characters like reindeer, Santa, etc…
Plus 100 bucs gives alot more then 10000 gems.
Plus the game chances are in the 5 to 10% reward not like this 1 to 5% Chan e of getting anything good.
Plus the PVP is 90000 x better.
Plus. .
Ah heck, the only ones gonna read this is fellow players.
I forgot no-one at Giant actually reads or does anything besides taking money from people that want to play fun games.
Maybe that why this games isn’t mentioned in the top 100 online games of 2017.

why do not you just play that then?


Don’t get me started on the meanness of the economy again. People will mistake me for a stuck record and will want to throw me away. :upside_down_face:

I agree with many of your points, but some I feel are unjust.

  • I think the artwork is great. (Sure, other games may have better, but I think they’ve done a good job given their team size.)
  • I also think the concept is great - really unique, and I feel that the Dev team are reasonably responsive (and they DO read the forums… just don’t/can’t respond to all posts, and can’t/don’t read every post).

I do feel, however, that they have (a probably deliberate) blind spot on the game economy. I feel they leave it as it is because that’s how they feel it should be. I can’t help thinking, however, that it is this blind spot that is holding this game back.

Given how addictive it has proven (in the early stages) for all I’ve introduced to it, it has all the makings of a top 100 game, but I feel it won’t get there until they address the game economy and the over-random nature or allocating very scarce resources and heroes. All that I have introduced to the game are now considering leaving it for these very reasons.

I can’t help thinking these are not hard problems to solve. (The harder problem to solve will be in keeping longer term interest.)


The criticism given by the OP, while very bluntly phrased, is still valid.

I think the Devs and the community would much rather know about perceived flaws in the game than people just leaving it to play something else.

Even though many of the points have been stated many times before, each new time those points are raised gives extra weight to them and have an increased chance of getting some attention.

Criticism is ok if it is costructive.

If you have to say that this is so bad in everything, and another is so good in everything, and that this game should be like the other, then it’s obvious that people ask you ‘why are you still here’?

This game it’s everything but perfect, but the way you say it it’s like it’s pure garbage.

Sorry, for me is not garbage.


Agree… the style of phrasing is important if you want it taken seriously.
It is valid criticism, but not great delivery.

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The matter of fact is…SG has something going here …if they did not they would not have thousands of players. Where it will go only the devs would know. But one thing is for sure- people like the game. Like myself who also get frustrated and complain… Then after venting and reading fellow players comments you realise that it is actually what sets the game apart. I share ideas where I can, not because I want to have a say in anything…but because I really like this game…that is why i share and give ideas…the more we contribute positively and sometimes through constructed critism WE MAKE IT OUR GAME.

This game has something that alot of other games do not have…the randomness actually works like a slot machine…some you win…some you lose. Yes offcourse no one likes to get fodder when spending money but then again…if they dish out 5* left and right what would be left in the game?

You guys are welcome to have a look at Game of War, I use to play that…in the beginning the whales bought everything they were the best and the best equipped…everyone struggled…everyone was forced to spend myself included. The spenders wanted more and more and more. They threatened boycotts and game deletions etc…they always wanted new gear, higher level hero’s stronhholds past level 21…

What happened to the multi-million dollar platform they had? It became so rediculous that people left the game and they are spamming old players like myself with emails promising enticing rewards if I log into my account again.

The game still exists…but its pulled apart so far its laughable…in the beginning they had stronhold lvl 21, hero maxed at level 60 … if you had a million tier 3 troops you were a big player…the other day I had a chat with an old friend and went to read up abit…they now have two heros the heros level are currently at 1600, stronghold level 980, you cannot attack if you dont have 100 trillion troops!!

Buildings effectively takes up to 10-30years to build!!!(yes they do offer speed ups!!)

My point is…and I hope the devs read this…please dont let player demands destroy the game…and I would ask the players…please think before this game ends up like the game I have mentioned.

P.S- the information and stats are available online…go check them…its sad and shocking.

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I play this game because it is NOT “like other games”. (Especially Game of War, which I fled like the plague.)

There are things I would love to see changed. There are things that are changing over time (see the Shortlist). But I stay because I like E&P, and I haven’t found any game I prefer over this one. :wink: