Why can't I train with the costumes that I don't like?

When the costume event started, players got only costumes without the heroes attached. Thanks to the developers of the game that it was corrected for players to get the costumes and heroes. However, player like me got Joon costume at the beginning without the hero, up till now, I have not been able to get Joon. Why am I prevented from using the costume to train?

I want to suggest that players should be allowed to train with costumes that they don’t like or costume of which they don’t have the hero. Costumes should be opened for training the way heroes are. The game developers should just make it possible for players to be able to lock which ever ones they wish to keep.

Costume does not have limit caps, and the last copy of costume is automated locked by design.
I disagree if they implement that can as feed the last copy of costume, because they are hard to get and it is not limited in inventory not like the heroes it self have a caps limit.

I hope you can get Joon soon from TC20 or HA10.


Stay patient. Had the exact same problem as you…got Joon from TC 20 like 10 days ago…that was over one year of waiting. I would never even have thought about feeding it…for the small amount of XP it gives it is tooo rare…well legendary.

Run TC20 (multiple?)…fingers crossed for you. It felt terrible having a useless costume.

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Given the way that costumes changed by the second iteration — anyway of giving the early adopters the hero to go with the costume to bring them inline with what costumes evolved into - ie: a usable hero?

He’s got a point — unlike heroes, you can’t eat your only copy… but you don’t have something usable without the hero… so you’re kind of stuck in a hole that’s been removed from the game

No expectations — CS inquiry; thanks!


This already has been requested/ proposed several times but declined officially from the developers…around January 2020 when the costume chamber did open for the second time. (Can’t find the posting right now.)


Few more months, more data — and an example of being impacted… doesn’t hurt to ask.

I have a soft spot for taking care of early adopters when there’s a hard shift… without them you wouldn’t get to what works…

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It wasn’t a “hard shift” and 3 years in isn’t “early adopters”.

The costume isn’t really a “thing”, it’s more like a “pattern” which you have learned, and as such it takes up no storage. That’s also why you have to level the costume on each hero if you want more than one; they aren’t a separate item that you can put on one or another hero, they’re a template for making a hero costumed. It’s a nice little bonus that subsequent copies are actually useful for feeding rather than just disappearing into the aether. But it would potentially be quite upsetting if you then got the hero through another means than the Masquerade portal and thought “dang, I could really do with that costume right now”. This way there can be no regrets other than a microsecond’s extra effort scrolling through the costume list.

It doesn’t hurt to ask again…

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