Why can't I give up revenge?

I went through the whole list of players I can give revenge to, And each player writes that they play a different version of the game, even though they were online 11 minutes ago. What version do I need to have?

There is a new version of the game out. Check out #news-announcements for the latest.

To avoid killing the game, there is a limitation on not being able to raid across versions. This is to stop conflicting mechanics or different content from bugging itself out.

Either a) you updated to the new version in the last 11 minutes or b) they updated.

I probably have the latest version because it shows me a halloween event as an app icon and even though it opens the game. Maybe later the revenge will go

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I noticed the same thing. I can’t revenge 99% of the players. :confused::pensive:

When your revengers update the game as well, you will be able to fight them back. You just need to keep them in your Tower. Tower keeps 50 most recent fights (both wins and loses) so you gotta be careful with raiding and not let them escape the Tower, if you really wanna have the chance to revenge those people :slight_smile:

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