Why can't i get the titan AI?

As i let the AI do 8.7 then when there is a clear possibility to make a diamond he doesn’t make it.
If a simple attack with tiles is enough he’s using Sartana to get 100 points off
It fires a special as soon as it’s ready… Zeline for 1 opponent… It fires Gravemaker to the sides instead of in the middle…

Now… i’m playing against a titan… first to be attacked is Wu Kong. And after that Merlin… (if i have a bad board not getting purple)

WHY can’t i have that AI in game and why is it that when raiding the AI is intelligent? Please make the AI’s equal. :smiley:


True Artificial Intelligence (AI), as I understand it, uses quantum computers to learn from its previous trials (losses and gains during games) and develop better strategy each time it plays against humans or other computers.

When players are playing against the computer, they’re playing against programming, programming that doesn’t learn as we do the more we play.

This is why E&P keeps rolling out new territories, Heroes and monsters; to keep people playing the same game against the same old computer programs (while periodically adding new ‘bells and whistles’ to keep players playing).

SG recently raised $41 million for research and development (R&D). I believe that if Empires & Puzzles is going to have a prosperous future, it’s going to need to use AI to keep up with players and alliances who are constantly improving their skills & strategies.

I’d be interested to know what the developers have to say about this because they know a lot more about computing than I do.

I’m not one of the developers, but in my observation there are a lot of simple changes that could be made to improve the AI. These have been discussed elsewhere, but an example would be improving aiming of “hit-3” heroes so that they don’t waste ⅓ of the hit by aiming at the corner, even when the center is alive.

What they’ve done instead is to make the heroes tougher – higher health, attack, nasty specials, etc. The resulting gap means that levels I can easily win by hand cannot be auto-farmed reliably. I’m kinda okay with that.

From a business perspective, it’s an interesting question whether the AI should become smarter. Raids are generally easy to win because the AI is relatively stupid. People like to win. Sure, the stupid AI makes their defenses lose a lot, but that’s not as immediate a mood-hit because I’m not watching those losses, but I am enjoying my raid wins. Does a stupid AI make for happier players?

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Yes, the hit-3 thing is the most basic AI improvement and i’m totally in favor.

Same as would be cool AI targeting the hero with most mana.

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