Why Cant I Create New Topics?

It is highly likely that if one of the staff did that, they sent you a private massage. Did you get a private message about trolling or spamming posts from one of the mods or staff?

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I didnt get a private message

You appear not to have the Basic user badge. Since you’ve posted threads in the past, it does look like it was likely revoked for some reason. Hopefully one of the mods can PM you to discuss the situation.

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What does PM meaning?

PM=private message

You need to contact support.

Suspensions and bans can not be discussed on the forum.

Since forum does not have separate support, you use the game support.

(How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards))

Hmm sorry i am new to the forum, i came to ask a question but i can’t seem to find the button to create a new topic? It seems i can only reply? What am i missing?

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Hi @DrakenKin, welcome to the Forum!

You need to meet some very basic minimum usage criteria before you can create topics.

This post earlier in the thread covers them:

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What needs to happen before i can open a new topic? I am guessing a number of replies, how many?

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If you read the post I linked above it explains it in detail.

Idk if im a idiot or something, but i cant for the life of me find how to make a new idea thread, and my blood pressure is rising the more i stumble about this place tryna find it. Please help ;n;

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@zephyr1, @Garanwyn, could ya’ll help plz?


Hi @Heartsprout, welcome to the Forum!

I moved your post to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

You need to meet some very basic minimum usage criteria before you can create topics.

This post earlier in this thread covers them:


Hahaha, I had the same question. I’ve been reading posts for months without an account. Had I known I would’ve created one earlier!


Its must coment first or what?

I had the same question

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Hi all of you kind people:)

Sorry for Off topic, but where can i start new topic? i cant find it… thx for help:)

You’re new, right? Welcome.

You need to browse around and read some posts to get “Basic” level, then you can start a new thread.

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ah ok:) thx for help.:slight_smile:

Why the first guy created a new topic asking how to create a topic?

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