Why can’t you close the raid menu after losing on the last flag?

Why can’t I close the raid menu after losing on the last flag? I want a ■■■■ rematch when I regenerate a flag, but I’m forced to rematch and kill the app. Then restart it. This IS A BUG. LET ME CLOSE THE RAID OUT AFTER SELECTING REMATCH. It’s annoyed me forever and now it is time that this gets fixed.

This should be exactly what happens if you hit rematch (without any flags remaining) and then close out of the raid screen. When you have another flag ready, hit FIND OPPONENT and you’ll be presented with the rematch (as long as the player is not online). I do this often to “store” an opponent when I run out of flags.

It might look like you’re giving up on the rematch, but the game still stores it.

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There is NO WAY to close the raid screen…that’s the problem. The “X” in the corner disappears.

You can do it… Do the following when you’ve lost:

  1. Hit rematch
  2. Hit the X button on the raid screen
  3. Hit the next button now

Then when you go back later to raid, hit “find opponent” and you’ll be matched with the person you tried to rematch before when you ran out of raid energy.

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