Why can’t we craft more than one thing at a time?

I was just wondering why can’t we craft more than one thing at a time? Also,why does it take so bloody long for each upgrade? Why can’t it be instant? This drives me nuts about this game.

I have four Forges (though one is turned into a Barracks) by Stronghold lvl 20.

That means I can churn out three types of battle items at once, as many as I have ingredients for.

Perhaps you are at a lower Stronghold level and just need to keep leveling up to unlock more Forges?

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I do have three forges, I mean in the same forge, like when they arent at all the same level…but need two items from the highest leveled, why can’t we craft the two things at the same time?

You mean: “Why can’t I simultaneously craft a Tornado AND an Axe from the same Forge, at the same time”?


“Why can’t I craft x number of Tornadoes at the same time?” (Answer, if you have the ingredients, you can.)

You have 4 forges. And you need to upgrade them to proper lvl when you want use them. If you can craft simultaously items in one forge then you dont need other 3.

You can upgrade and craft instantly, but it cost you gems.

And why ? Becouse money my friend… but here it is ok for me. I agree with this concept.

I don’t know any strategy game where a building makes multiple things simultaneously… total war, dawn of war, command and conquer etc etc

The game would be too easy if things like this were instantaneous. On days your not feeling patient you can skip the wait time with gems

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The first question you posed is what I mean

Hmm. Because you can only forge one type from any one Forge at a time. Because that’s how it’s designed. :wink:

Lol thank you for the insight :wink:. I just would like to multi forge in all the forges at the same time lol

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