Why can’t the wait time for Monster & Heroes Chests always be skipped with gems?

Why do we still have to wait several hours for these chest to be made available. If we have no issues dropping 20 gems at a time to make them available why do we still have to wait, can anyone answer this for me?

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to prevent rich guy to cheat by using their million dollars


I’ve wondered that many times myself… My guess is that it could lead to us possibly receiving too many ascension mats, and therefore spending less money on deals. That certainly would be unacceptable. :wink:

And if they go to the trouble of removing the cooldown timer, they may also lower the drop rates of those ascension mats to even it back out. This may not affect those of us who are fine with burning a few gems to fill the next chest, but it would suck for F2P players.

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Balance for the f2p players… can’t let whales buy their way to the front too quickly.

I concur with @arios 's assessment of the situation.

Ohhh buddy the chances of getting an ascension item in monster chests is around 1%

Doubt anyone will get any profit constantly filling them instead of just buying ascension item packs

The issue is not the monster chests per se (although they’re a relatively cheap way to buy materials. currently). The issue is that chaining them lets you rapidly farm elemental chests.


i havent seen an elemental chest in about a month and i play several times a day

i got elemental mostly every 10-14 days but i always did both chest twice a day ( by using Gem ofc ).

so in my case and math , average Elemental chest will be pop-up every 40 finished chests.


It’s not how often you play a day, it’s how many chests you complete…


Have elemental one about every 10 days. No chest skipping. Open 3 chests a day usually - 2 monsters, one raid.

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ok riddle me this if you complete 1 to 2 of each monster and hero chest a day for a month wouldnt you think one would show up?

On average, yes. But they’re randomly drawn, with the mean somewhere between 30 and 40 chests. So it’s very possible to be waiting for quite some time. Like other rare drops in this game, it can be super frustrating when they don’t come at around the average rate. Some people get stuck waiting quite a long time. Hopefully, you’ll get a drop sooner rather than later.

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fair enough…just cant remember waiting this long for one. And i am way more active now then i was in the pass, but thanks G

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Sure thing. You probably haven’t ever waited this long for one before. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait this long again. I started logging my loot from chests a while ago, which at least gives me something to do while I’m waiting for drops that take too darned long to arrive :slightly_smiling_face:


Titan chests count too. I recently had a 10 chest interval between two elemental chests. Before that it was 19. @RandaPandah taught me to count when I was impatient. @Garanwyn blew my mind with his numbers. So, the moral is to count, aim for 3+ chest fills a day, and you’ll see more elementals come your way!


Playing actively filling chests without spending gems seems to average about an elemental chest a month.

The game seems to allow three accelerations in a rolling 24 hour window. If you are chasing this limit, you can do three monster and two raid per day; if you use raid flasks, you can fill three raid and two monster. (Diamond raid chests appear to be slightly better than monster chests loot wise, but are more of a pain to fill since full flags aren’t enough)

At this rate you get around 3 elemental chests a month … and spend fewer gems net than VIP provides. … it is one of the more productive ways in the game to spend your gems.

And as stated already … not having a limit would let players who do spend a lot on the game take advantage.


I’ve received lots of 4* mats from monster chests in the last two months :joy:

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I feel strange from the beginning I played I never got the element chests in the Raid chest :disappointed:

Whales would speed up chests relentlessly, farming for elemental chests and acquiring ascension mats at speeds incredibly higher than regular players - thus creating imbalance.

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