Why can’t I summon the hero of the month?

I spend a lot of gems,l buy a lot of gems,but no hero of the month…why? Some players with low level have a hero of the month and for me NOTHING. IS NOT FAIR.l buy gems and still nothing. I think the game is cheating with us,spend a lot of money and still nothing. Nobody see this injustice? Helooo…staff of the empires and puzzles??? You like when l buy gems? To much money for receive nothing. Is not fair


I think this might be of interest to you. Please read it, it is worth it. :slight_smile:

What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")


The alternative is to wait for @Brobb to come along or, failing that, @Garanwyn :joy::joy:


The forum is mainly for players to talk to other players. It’s very unlikely that any Small Giant staff will respond to a complaint post about summoning results.

In what way is it not fair? They had the same probability as you did on each summoning. They just got lucky. Everyone getting the same chance per summoning, irrespective of how much they spent, is the definition of fair.

It’s upsetting, and it is really unpleasant when you are the one who didn’t get the heroes you wanted. But that doesn’t make it unfair.


You have an answer for all…solution none,l spend with this game almost 700€…for you doesn t matter…for me yes

I got my last (and only) HOTM in september, since then i did around 300 pulls or more without a single HOTM so i feel ya, i got already used to it. Some people get the HOTM with a single pull (for some reason the same players each time) and some like us don’t get any, no matter how many pulls we do. IMO the newly released HOTMs are not so strong compared to the atlantis heroes like the old HOTMs were compared to the TC20 ones. Do Atlantis pulls with your gems, thats the best you can do and get used to not getting the HOTM while others get it with a single token, thats how this game works.


In two years I have not received an HOTM by any means, not by the summon gate nor by token. My friends and fellow players in this game have been much luckier than I.

Please read the Gatcha article, linked above. I did. :slight_smile:


I got no featured heroes in 362 pulls over the last 2 Atlantises. And over the last 4, having done over 600 pulls, I got 3 Atomos and 1 Hel total of the featureds. No Alby, no Ariel, no Poseidon, no Alasie, no GM, no TA… And well below the expected number of around 8 featured heroes for that many summonings.

I assure you, 600 summonings is a lot more than €700 worth. I’m sympathetic to people who feel like the summoning process is unreasonably risky and a really bad deal for the money. But that doesn’t make it unfair.


Yea…for you is easy to talk,spend 700€ en almost 2 years and most heros is 3* ,4*…some time a 5*. When l hit a 5* heroe is like a santa claus . Sorry my english. I m from spain

Do some math. How much money is 600 summons for you?

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About $2k +, if you do 20x 30 summons bundle on Atlantis, more if you do discrete 10pulls x 60.
This is huge, is this per time or all time figure?

I wish I had 700 to throw away lol.

Why do you want the HOTM so bad anyways? There is a 4* hero who has a very similar ability as him.

And after that many summons you are bound to have gotten several heroes to work on… Gonna take a long time to level them all. There are events to compete with 3* and 4*, you don’t need 5* benches just to enjoy the game.

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Hey this is just pure luc and probability. I got 2 gregorion with 20bpuls, 1 Drake last summer with 2 pulls. Got zimkitha with 2 pulls, got onatel with 2 tokens, kunchen with 2 tokens spent 55euros to make 30 pulls and got no ranvir, gather another 600 gems and got him. Ranvir in bank. That is what it is. Try to not expect 5*. Do your tc20 and make them. Got azlar, sartana, Isarnia, horghall, thorne, domitia, Leónidas, since Jan. On Tc20.

That’s over 4 Atlantises with a bunch of heroes I really wanted. I was hoping to grab some combination of the outstanding set of heroes on offer. It is not my typical spend. It is possible to have awful luck and to still believe that the process is fundamentally fair.

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not fair… injustice… not fair… hey, I got a question for you - do you think it is no fair?

seriously, though, you would take that HOTM from “some player with low level” and keep it for yourself? and that would be fair? because… you pay money? lol, entitled much?

My C2P (borderline F2P) alliance teammate, @Melc , got each HOTM of the last 3 months… I’m still waiting for my first bonus HOTM… 7.5 months now as F2P…

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Someone in my alliance just pulled 2 Ranvir with EHT today. What a luck!

Same complaint as usual, same answers as usual, including the “do you realize what Gatcha is” in which ever form.

I have my own version of what Gatcha is. It’s the money making machine for the companies that exploit these games and it’s, indeed, not fair. It doesn’t have a single benefit for the players who are willing to spend money to get an advantage in the game. And it’s frustrating, by design even. Frustrated people spend more money than they intended to.

Gatcha is definitely not the only way to make money on a game, there’s no actual need for it. There’s ads, including the option to buy your way out of them, there’s VIP constructions, there’s subscriptions, there’s regular in-game transactions. But Gatcha is the most efficient way to make people spend more than they planned. It exploits people’s weaknesses. And that is why it’s unfair.

In the end, people come here to play a game, not to gamble. So in my view, this gives them every right to complain about it.


Just renamed the thread to make this a little clearer

I think this just about luck… and don’t forget to pray before you pull it :smile::smile::smile:

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