Why bother fighting TITANS? ........Really

I know everyone knows this, but c’mon SG, update & improve the Titan loot for goodness sake.

How can you destroy 5 Titans that are over a million hp’s each, takes 30 players to destroy each one, and attacking them up to 6 to eight times each by 30 alliance fighters only to get a crate full of garbage.

SG has taken the term RARE to a whole new level.
But for something that requires so much work, “really”.
I get better loot fighting a map battle than fighting a Titan.

Titan Chest Loot should stand out for the co-operational work put in as an achievement worth fighting for, unfortunately it’s usually a major let down.


Meh, opinions. I don’t have any particular problem with the loot system. I think it is atleast balanced.
So what if they were to up the loot rates? Atm that would mean you would prolly only get too manu ascension items and then curse about how the game forces you to use money to get heroes, I prefer things the way they are now.
Or you would get so many gold tokens that you would run out of feeder heroes and food, and if they were to up their amount then this game would be over twice as fast. So I stand by my claim: loot system is balanced, I can live with that (might even like it, atleast I don’t dislike it)


I think the only Thing they should Chance is the items itself. When its not a ascension Item it should be atleast rare crafting Material. No one really needs items that you get easily at Farming and you already have 1000 in Stock. Give us as example Midnight roots or Metal ores.


My opinion differs here also. I think that would only cause too much inflation, people’s arguments could go from “I only got stupid herbs” to “I only got stupid oricalchum nuggets”. Now it’s a real joy to get the good stuff.
Also some people might appreciate the midnight roots etc. I think most of the crafting materials are useful and you can use them up.

I can see where this poster is coming from as titan loot at times feels definitely underwhelming, but then ill catch an alliance refill or something and feel a little better…As for ascension items and whatnot, if they were given out more often, they would lose their scarcity, and ultimately, their value. So taking all of this into consideration, i am guessing that alot of the frustration comes from rotten luck with everyone’s best friend, the evil and lamentable random number generator :wink:


The randomness has been tinkered with so it’s not a true random generation,
For example, if there are 100 choices and you have one shot, your chances of a hit are 1%
but if certain numbers in that 100 are given an even slimmer chance, say 10 of them have been reduced even more, then as a whole your chance of getting one out of the 10 wanted is no longer 1% . It’s next to nothing.

So it’s not rotten luck or the random number generator that’s evil & lamentable.:wink:

The only improvement I’d like to see is more of whatever you get. I’d consider it much better if I got like 10 packs or swords for training. Then it makes it more worth it and seem better than map loot. Otherwise, I like the system.


How has it been tinkered with. are you a dev

No, i dont believe he/she is a developer (although I realize it wasn’t directly addressed to me). But they obviously have something in mind that they are referring to. I sure the buffs/debuffs used by the heros special abilities change random percentage chances but since we’re talking about titan loot, I’m unsure what is being referred to. I do know that titan battle victors are assigned a “loot tier” that determines how many (or in higher category cases, if) rolls a victor gets in each category…eg ascension items or battle items, etc. So when i get 2 rolls of level 2 ascension items and get 2 leather armors, i can say yippee!..now i have 202 leather armors. What i’d really like are trap tools and warm capes, both 3-star. But if there were more of both of these items given to titan victors, it might make me happy, but would decrease the inherent value of both. And besides, where would we stop? Until a tornado is the equivalent of a mana potion? I know this is an extreme example but you get the idea. What I don’t believe to be the case is the developers standing . around a black cauldron cackling about their genius in manipulating the rng to their own ends. It seems they have no problem getting people to play their game, with a wide variety of spending to go along.


I was more trying to see proof of his allegations. Logging of loot drops or with this accusation seeming to know they changed code to make it not random. Pretty sure he isnt a dev but he seems to know they are sitting around your imaginary cauldron cackling

I read somewhere on the Forums that there is no true random, only as close to random as the computers can make it.

I agree with another poster: I doubt the Devs are “standing around their cauldron cackling” (great Line btw!) about how to mess with RNG. :roll_eyes:

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Samwise makes a great point, 10 swords or 5 backpacks for a midlevel titan kill would hardly unbalance the game, But would not feel like a slap in the face as current loot can sometimes seem , Killing a titan needs to have a somewhat better reward than a map sector. Fine , keep the rarities % of various ascensions the same , but perhaps up the lower ascensions items quantity dropped - especially at a time when many need all the feeders they can get to level up to a 30 hero team

and at Rook , is it true that RNG stands for Really Not Gambling xD?

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This would be a good thread to start in the ideas and features section. probably would be many people that would agree this is a good idea. not sure it would stop the grumbling but i like it

You fight titans to have a CHANCE at good loot. Higher loot tiers have higher ODDS of better loot items. In particular, there’s a step change getting to loot tier IX, which always gives three ascension items. Sometime strong rope or a backpack, sometimes a sturdy shield or mystic rings. My Loot Tier XII chest this morning had garbage, too, but sometimes it doesn’t.

I am not a dev here but have been a dev of a MMORPG, and I’ll almost guarantee that>

  • SG devs code using a high-quality RNG that is pulling from a common seed, server side
  • Loot within a tier is selected using a lookup table, e.g. roll a random number between 1-512; you get sturdy armor on a 1-8, strong rope on 9-15, etc. The lookup table varies by loot tier, so the odds of getting better stuff gradually shifts.

At least, that’s how I would have coded it.

RNG: Random Number Generator

If you trust Wikipedia, here:

I have found a number of articles from various sources. You might want to do your own search. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Accusing without proof is unsubstantiated. Let’s provide proof of some kind when we accuse.

Rook, my comment about what RNG stood for was entirely tongue in cheek ), but I do strongly agree with Samwise that the quantity of the low quality items could be made more worthwhile without being game breaking.

I am not however one of those people who wants to get increased frequency of high level items and have everyone fully ascended in a few weeks though.


Besides, as OP said himself, killing titans is a group activity. I think the odds are pretty HIGH that at least ONE person got a rare item as loot.
I also feel like I dont get anything, but as the ally Always registers people’s loots, at least ONE of my mates often get rare materials (from gloves to damascus blade)
So I don’t think it’s fair to claim titan loot individually. Go search your pals, rare materials are frequent for real.

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If tommorow, you would have all the heroes and all the ascention materials available, would it make it good game? And you personally, happy? And if everyone would have everything?

Of course not. The game would be over in a month or so. :grin:

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I think there is good balance. While i sometimes wish i had better “luck”, everything works together. Like it was mentioned, if you had more loot, you would need more heroes, then more feeder heroes to level them, then more food, etc.

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