Why atlantis summon

Ok. Here is a question about us spending money on the atlantis summon. Why should I put more money into a summons that yields characters other than Atlantis characters which are very desirable. I don’t think I will waste anymore money for a 30 character pull when the best I get is a Caedmon. Think about it before you spend money on Atlantis. Not sure it is worth the money.

Nothing in the game is worth the money. But if you appreciate what the devs have done, you can throw some coin at them.


I have to ask…compared with what?

  • every summons type includes Classic heroes, but Atlantis has the highest odds of pulling a non-Classic hero
  • other summons cost 2600 for a 10x, while Atlantis costs 3000 but you also get an ascension chest that has perhaps 25% chance of a 4* mat
  • Atlantis summons are the only way to get some top-tier heroes, including Proteus, Wilbur and Triton.

If, as you say, the best you could get from an Atlantis summons was Caedmon, then, no, it would be horrible. It you can do much better.


I actually have all three of those. I was hoping for Tarlak or Poseidon. Anyway. I feel it is a waste to get holy, nature, dark or ice heroes. I received too many of those. Obviously the odds are better to get Atlantis characters if the classic heroes are not
included. I just use the repeats to train my higher characters.

There’s been a lot of gripes registered about the inclusion of any Classic heroes in the Atlantis portal. They did up the odds, but below what any of us would like. See, e.g.


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