Why Ares is a favorite?

So, I’ve been playing around with Ares.

I pulled him in the last Atlantis portal. There was just a post about who your favorite hero is.
Many chose him, but WHY?
I only have him at 1/45 and have been using him in wars as part of a clean up team. One thing i can say is that he keeps my under leveled heros alive against fully ascended 4* that need to die. But the fact he has no ATTACK is killing me!
I’ve been doing a lot of reading about him compared to Zimkitha (who i have at 2/60.) I’m not so convinced he should get unfarmables before she does though?!

2 words: tile damage.
Ares provides enough of att and crit to make your tiles murder everything, whether it is in titan, raid, or event. His buffs are almost unmatched in the game and the fact that he heals on top of that is just a cherry on top.


I prefer ZimKitty over Ares because Zim is better suited for my team. However, I think you answered your own question about why Ares is a favorite. He kept your under leveled heroes alive when he was only at 45/1, imagine what he could do fully ascended. If it boils down to survival, both Ares and ZimKitty are great at keep other heroes alive, Ares is just better at it and in this game, a hero that can keep itself and others alive is extremely valuable.


Success depend on synergy of your team not how much damage they can do in a single hit.
That’s why you see offensive team with Tarlak, Guardian panther, Falcon, Jackal, Evelyn, Wu Kong. Having a team with Sartana, Joon, Lianna, Marjana, without the supporting heroes might not be the best team to take into any situation.
Ares is the best supporting hero in this game, my bias because I use him in all situation, except defense, I have GM.


I guess I’ll keep playing with him. I know eventually I’ll take him all the way up.
I almost have mats to bring 5* all the way. So I’ve been really thinking hard about who gets what first.
My reds are the hardest choice right now. I have Zimkitty (x3), Ares, Azlar, Santa and Khagan (x2).

I don’t have GM.

My favourite Red heroes, since He is my 1 red 5*.
Great Tank to keep his side live longer, attack buff and critical hit. When he fully maxed , I don’t now how good he can be. I always bring him , Titan, offense and Defense. When Ares low level, I always bring manna pot and give to him incase needed, save blood pot with side effects atk buff.

Ares’ vrtues have been well-stated above. When he was initially released most players had the same view as the OP—what’s the hype? Then we started using him and realized how good he is.

His great vulnerability is debuffers. When he was first released there were no 5* debuffers, so if you wanted to counter him, you were stuck bringing a 4* (Sonya preferred). The subsequent release of many debuffing 5* heroes has sharply dropped Ares’ presence in top defenses.

I’m always happy to use him on war attacks, though. He makes everything go so much better.


So, because of all the debuffers I should maybe work on Zimkitha first? I’m still awhile away from using unfarmables right now on any character.
I’m just now getting the last couple of levels done on my first 4* rainbow and have another 4* rainbow almost all to 3/60. I know the recommendation is to have several 4* teams maxed out and that it takes considerable more hp to bring 5* all the way up, but I’m really wanting to start getting a team up to 4000 tp so i can more easily get the rewards in different events without using so many items during battle!

True point in that a lot of heros do have Debuff, but when using him in attack he can help you dominate as you can better predict when the enemies debuff special will go off.
Sure, does not have the best tile damage but if he did, he would be the definition of OP!
I think you saying that he kept your team alive perfectly explains how good he can be and his purpose. Although the beast has many purposes !

It kind of depends on what else you have on your bench/what your biggest needs are. Zim and Ares are both role players. But for very different roles. So it depends on how they would gel with what else you have. That’s kinda what @SandMan meant when he said that success depends on the synergy of your team. If you link up your full bench on the forum, thought, there are lots of very experienced players who would be happy to advise.

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Here is my full bench.

So, as you can see I’m still a little ways away from really working on the fives that i have. But i want to start focusing on teams that are going to get me up to higher places. (Yes, i know I’m neglecting Wu. I’ll get to him after I bring Jackal up his last couple of levels to 3/60)

Here are my mats right now

I would love to be able to go further in the advanced part of events and also Atlantis is starting to get pretty challenging. That’s why I’ve been starting to look at my 5* and wanting to pull them up higher.

Wow you have nice hero, i’m very jealous :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:

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It all depends on what you are lacking or require.

I bring Ares for attacks and almost all titans.
I use Zim for raids especially if the defense has alot of debuffers like Zeline or GM.

Offensively Ares is quite potent if you flank him with the right heroes. I usually flank him with Azlar in a red stack. Tile damage with increased critical is great. :slight_smile:


Get your 5* reds to 3/70, play with them for awhile how they suit your style of play, max the one u use the most.


Thanks for the advice everyone. I need all that i can get! I’ll keep leveling and I’m sure I’ll be looking for more advice soon. You think I should give my Jackal the mats right away to bring him up? Or should i wait for someone else?

Up Jackal immediately.

The best for yellow against purple titans and great for raids.
Very fast mana, high tile damage and yellow debuff.

What is there not to like? If his defense and health stats were higher, he would be a grade A 5* already.

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That’s why i have him with my second team. As soon as I’ve got Zeline at a higher level she is going to join that team too. Obviously, as time goes I’ll be moving things around

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Of course, my green 5* are going to be a not so horrible issue next. Lianna, Zeline, or Evelyn?! So far my vote goes for Lianna.

Raid defense: Zeline
Raid offense: Evelyn
Titans: Evelyn

Lianna is an all rounder on both ends. I would suggest she comes after Evelyn.

Defense is secondary in most cases. Always focus on your offensive power.


So many good heroes and so few materials, I’m feeling bad for you :frowning:


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