Why aren't there any seasonal summon tokens offered?

The only way to get them is buy them with gems. Then you get the same old 3* feeder heroes from season 1, maybe a 4* duplicate that you have already maxed, and 1 crappy deer on a 10 pull.

What happened to free to play? I guess with a former officer of of EA as the COO of your parent company this has truly become PAY TO PLAY.

Epic Hero Token

Epic Hero Tokens work for Seasonal events

Epic Hero Tokens drop from many loot rolls ( including Titan loot tier 9+ and if I recall correctly Diamond raid chest )



Case close.

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I’m thinking you answered your own question…they want to make more money and free doesn’t equate. Just wish more people would stop draining their bank accounts for 3 star heros which is only encouraging the game model to stay as is

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I agree. And loot has gone in the crapper lately. Last 30 pull I did on Valhalla I got more season 1 3* ■■■■■ than anything, one 4*, and duplicate HOTM.
Was nice to get a 5* after weeks and weeks of nothing but 3s and 4s, but would have rather had different ones.

Thinking it’s about time to move on.

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Just play free to play or minimal. I’ve been playing over 3 years now I think and early on i spent probably 500 a year or so. Last 12 months I only spent max of 10 per month and game play hasn’t changed. Just have to get over the fear of missing out of the latest and greatest heros, which is where e and p hooks most of the spenders. I can still raid into the top 100 regularly and finish all events and quests with the “older” heros i have. Eventually I will be power creeped out of the game but at least at that point I won’t have given e and p anymore significant ,money.


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