Why aren't more people on the forum? (Poll)

Does anyone else find it strange that more people aren’t posting on the forum? For such a large player base, I think I only see the same 100(?) people posting all the time. This brings me to the question of what are they actually doing?

  • Lurking
  • Playing the game cluelessly
  • On an unofficial forum I know nothing about

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There are other reasons of course. Match 3 games aren’t new and the game is intuitive on many levels. Probably the majority of players get enough enjoyment from playing the game without needing to consult with, or talk to, others about it.

Most would be far from ‘clueless’. In fact, many of the best players may not have been on any forum.

But the main possible reason is that they are getting their information from their alliance and/or Line and Discord Groups.


I got the feeling that many sign-up this forum just for wining and claiming. Not many join here with the intension to get help for the game as it is really intuitive as FishDreams mentioned. Once they see that they are wrong and that there is much more to learn, they just keep reading the interesting stuff and are not interested in any additional communication…


I think most just don’t know about it and are happy mindlessly mashing tiles at enemies. I didn’t even visit for my first year playing the game, and only looked for it because I wanted to be prepared before joining an alliance.

Now I have two recurring messages in alliance chat where I inform members of 1) when an ETT is available from find recruits II and 2) for any questions they might have to go to inbox -> social and click the forum link at top of page.

After I started the forum message one of the other co-leaders stated he had also just been mashing tiles and now was reading up on strategies etc.

I think the biggest reason more people aren’t here is that the forums aren’t advertised in game. As much as I dislike pop ups, maybe SG should consider throwing one in for the forum once or twice a month, or at least mention the forum in the other pop ups.


Additional is to say that the game is mobile phone based only.
When I am here in the Forum, I use my Laptop, because of the better usability

What I wanna say is, that if E&P would be a computer based browser game, there would be more traffic in the forum


Fore me mostly the same reason like you, using the forum only at PC.

Additional, for much players, the language barrier is a sticking point. Even if i do mostly understand and could write in english (judge me :smiley: ), it is another thing to read fastly much forum entries in your mother’s tongue in an overflying manner.


It’s multiple things:

Lots of people don’t know that there is a forum. They might want info, and get it from alliance mates or some other way.

Lots of people don’t care that there is a forum. they are just playing a fun little game. It took me a while to find the forum. I’ve been playing strategy games for a long time, so while there are nuances, there are lots of folks who can do fine without it. they just may not have all the advance information, but it’s a fun little game. This replaced Candy Crush for me - I was simply playing that for my GF to give her stuff. Then I started catching up to her huge level head start, then found this. It was better to not blow past her. :wink:

Lots of people who aren’t good at English wouldn’t post here. I’ve experienced a game where during parts of the day that I am awake in the US, the guild chat went into other languages. There was someone who spoke only Spanish, a few primary Spanish speakers with very basic English, , and some people from East Asia with also very basic English. At times my “job” was to translate from English to Spanish, but I had to make sure I understood what both groups were saying. My Spanish was very out of practice, but I read far better than I write.


Speaking only for myself, my activity in the Forum (both posting and reading) has been severely impacted by use of chat apps (Line, Discord, etc.)

When I started playing a year ago, I found the Forum pretty quickly. Having utilized resources such as GameFAQS, Brady & Prima Guides, etc. when playing computer and console games over the years, the Forum was a natural place for me.

As I became more serious about the game and joined more competitive alliances, I was encouraged and/or required to install the chat apps for improved alliance communication.

Because so much game-related business is conducted via the apps (strategy, recruiting, coordinating mercs, and just chittychat), the volume of messages there means I can only check the forums briefly and occasionally now.


I find people know people who are familiar with the forum. So rather than them creating a post, or searching through threads, they phone a forum friend.

In the same way, people post pics of defense teams and ask for help, yet a good alliance would have that expertise within its ranks.

Yeah, I think people are inherently lazy (or clever?) to use minimal effort for maximum gain. There’s just too much expertise on this here forum. Worst kept secret and those moderators are too helpful as well :face_with_monocle:.


To be honest, I think most players rely on the experience within their alliance. So will ask leaders, co-leaders and elders etc for help. And that is exactly what should happen in an alliance.
Additionally the alliance will use Line, Discord and Facebook to share rosters and provide advice and guidance. In my opinion, it helps build teamwork and camaraderie.
Some will save time and go direct to sites set up by top alliances such as Crystal Knights etc.
A lot depends on your preferred communication style and the time you have to find out what you need


Sorry I can’t vote because choices are too limiting.

I played another online game for years, I was quite good at it. Always finished top 1% in the tournaments, P2P battles I was probably 80-90% win rate. I never once went on the game forums. I had no need to.

I’m here because I had a question about the game that couldn’t be answered in my alliance (don’t even remember what it was now). I discovered a group that I get along with pretty well so I stayed. It was the Ridiculous Complaints thread that made me a regular.

I have found valuable information here, but my game play is based as much on my own trial and error as anything else. That is probably true for most players.



Many people will not join the forums

No English skills
No interest
No time
No need


Including staff, there are 58,456 registered users


I am on the forum because

My first language is Book, English.


Stalking the Devs

It gives me a searchable database of my posts

Peer review

Contributing to the game community

Planning for class quests, challenge events, seasonal events, etc. ( thanks @Mariamne )

Comparing heroes

Beta Beat, class quests, HotM ( thanks @zephyr1 ).

RNG Odds ( @zephyr1 and @Garanwyn, together they fight crime).

The Doc is In

The awesome forum users






As many have said English not there first language or second and also the line chat for alliance!
I don’t do line chat my alliance is cool with that, I don’t need me phone blowing up with messages of people’s cats etc… in 3 wasssap groups as it is with different friends. Plus we have the chat on the game where I ask questions and get advice. I post/look on here as is always good to see what other people might suggest on the same topic!
As the old saying goes not enough cooks In the kitchen.
But too many cooks spoil the Broff?

Plus also YouTube videos people may watch instead, I read about farming on here and alliance help but didn’t make much sense as it’s words numbers sometimes seeing how it’s done makes its easier aswell!


Umm…'cause I do jest fine without having to spend copious amounts of time chatting about the game? 'Cause the folks in my alliance tell me what I need to know without spending copious amounts of time chatting about the game?

That said, if you know how to beat the Level 9 boss in the Season 2 Atlantis, I’m all ears. :wink:

I enjoy the threads and posts from players but I use the forum as my go-to place for information.

Event calenders, hero information, event information, etc. etc.

I provide the links and information to our discord channels. It simply enhances our game play and anything that adds enjoyment to the game works for me.

Besides, life is simply better with the feline/canine threads!


Maybe I’m just oldschool, but when ever I got a game i would go to my Nintendo power (later on gamefaqs) and read up on it. Is was automatic that the official forums was the first place I looked up once started playing to find info. Lurking at first and then posting.

And while I cant completely follow the technical posts regarding tile replacement, tile color disposition, etc. I do enjoy reading them. (And appreciate the authors/contributors of them)


Because this forum is boring as hell. There are no rivalries, no heat, and the game has no PvP and is so simple you cant really have any engaging discussions about it.
On top of that, the forum is moderated harder than the Hello Kitty forum.

Joining the forum is too complicated imo, it felt like I had to jump through a lot of hoops at the start, and there was a certain amount of trust needed that after ploughing through all the discobot nonsense etc that it would actually get me where I was trying to get (able to post etc)

I know a few people in our alliance who looked into joining, but wandered off again out of confusion.

I’m guessing a great many people are happy enough just lurking (or asking our resident forum regulars for info/links)

Majority are silince reader, and I think for getting clue/advice, only need 1 people to handle the entire members in alliances. :wink:


O think you said it all!
I have one more!
We have some nice great mods.


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