Why are we always the underdogs in war?

We do fairly well in wars winning about 67-71% of the time , in our last 2 wars we lost and previously had won 6 in a row, over the last 5 months I’ve noticed that we’re always the underdogs in wars in terms of overall score in every category, example this war we’re at 240k and our opponents are at 255k…We’re a consistent alliance , where no one goes out mercking titans and we occasionally call in a merc or 2 when needed… We’re at 29/30 people and a new person joins or leaves every now and then like any alliance… (we’re still looking for that another 70+ daily player) … can someone explain to me why we’re always the underdogs … it would be nice if we could face a team where we’re 15 k higher in points at least once in awhile , Thank you everyone. GD the Leader of. Killers Guardians . line Supreme514

Is this alliance score? The only number that matters is the war score.

And your war score is strong because you’re winning wars


Thanks , so I just checked and our war score is basically identical , so war matchups are based on primarily that ?

Yes I think that’s correct

War score is based on record for last xx wars, strongest 30 heroes and 5 strongest troops

Because of this. If you are an underdog and still win about 70% of the time, then matchmaking would try to give you a harder matchup to make it more 50-50.

Whether matchmaking should include this “skill” or not is another question.

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Same with my own alliance,
we use ( nearly) all flags, use all a purple tank and have coordinated attack times.
With this we consequently beat teams which looks much stronger than us if you only add the strength of the defenses.
As a consequence we get a stronger opponent next war. Then we loose one or two wars and get easier contrahents, and the cycle starts again.


Note also that most of the time the AI stuff thrown into was (e.g., arrow barrages) will favor the defending team. Even ones that are “neutral” on their face favor the defender because they happen before the defending team gets to make their move. So you get the one where buffs gets stripped… well, there go your defensive buffs just before the defender attacks, Oh, and their heros can, if charged up, use that turn to add back their buffs before you get to attack. So basically every attacker is an underdog. Since you earn points only by attacking…

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Your first sentence is actually the answer to your question. Just like what @Ruskin505 have explained.

Basically, your alliance have weak heroes + good skill while your opponents have strong heroes + bad skill. When calculated into war score, they ended up similar.

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