Why are there Raids

What is the reason for RAIDS? It doesn’t seem like it helps with anything.


I can’t argue with that actually

It gives a minimal amount of food and iron.

And it helps to fill the hero chest. It also serves as practice for War.

But yeah, apart from that, what is the point?


Maybe in the lower tiers… I get between 30 and 40K food.

There is an awesome explanation posted about raids.

Why ask why? Drink bud dry.

Seriously, because they are a fun part of the game.



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Why are there Titans? Why are there Wars? Why is this a game?


Yeah I was gonna ask something similar but didn’t want to come across as too harsh :joy::joy:

Why upgrade to a large McValue meal. Why have fries with your burger etc etc

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If you’re asking as a philosophical question about the game’s design, I suppose the developers wanted to have some component where players play against each other in some fashion, albeit against the AI, and not each other directly.

If you’re asking from a practical point of, “why should I bother raiding?,” then the potential benefits are:

  • Filling your Raid Chest, and getting some (usually unexciting) loot

  • Increasing your chest completions frequency so you get Elemental Chests more often, and get some (usually more exciting) loot

  • Early in the game, getting food and iron. Later on you’ll have too much of both anyway.

Some people also enjoy the trophies and rankings. But that’s a matter of personal preference.

I think a fair number of people choose to only raid when working on filling a chest. Others enjoy it as a fun activity for its own purposes.


I just started an Alt, and man is raiding important to keep your builder busy early. When I started my main, it didn’t really hit me how much I needed that iron and food to keep my builder building, I intended to play very casually. But my alt is crushing it.

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Maybe your alt will surpass your main. :wink:

(Yeah, not gonna happen. But congrats on the efficient progress the second time around.)

I agree, iron and food are hard to come by early on, and raiding is actually the best source for both for a long time…until you find yourself in this constant circumstance, as I do at this point:


When I go to Raid someone, their Power is so much higher and when I battle, I always lose. I get frustrated and want to quit.

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Same here, I almost quit half a year ago too. It’s ok the starting part is the hardest. I remember struggling to get my first outpost!

Expect to find raids super hard in the first few months but persevere, it gets easier with time and patience


In addition to giving you an opportunity to win food, iron and cups, and specifically to increase your cups (which admits you to certain higher level alliances), at its most elementary, Raid teaches the basics of lineup; how to sync your heroes together, and ultimately educates you to defeat enemy lineups for alliance wars.

If you don’t see the point, you probably haven’t been playing long enough.


@LilJoker1975 what cup level are you raiding at now?

Raids help you truly understand the synergy of your team.

If you are losing too often, try and find out why. It is not just about cup level of opponent. If you are unfamiliar with the opponents heros, look at each one from left to right. Does one of your heroes combat their special? Can you counteract? Are you trying to stack against the tank but chose two underpowered heros for the task? These are but a few examples of raid dynamics.

I enjoy raids because I like to puzzle out which heroes work together and how to utilize their skills against certain opponents. I would say I win raids about 60% of the time. But, it is because I like to experiment. I’ve been playing solidly for five months and hold an average of 2100 cups.

One must keep in mind that raiding is a learning experience. It is a test of strength and weakness of a hero. When you understand the weakness, you can then use it against your opponent, but also buff your own hero using another hero whose skillset augments the other.

Try not to worry about cups. Focus instead on your learning experience and how to play your heroes and how to match-3 to build a brillant board.

How this is possible? I have 8 max farms and 1 on 14 (going to 20) and I always have less than 400 thousands food :no_mouth:

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I just don’t have much to spend food on.

I’ve crafted what I can, I feed heroes as quickly as I can, I use troop feeders as soon as I get them for the 4* troops I have, and my food just keeps piling up.

The only time my food goes below overflowing now is if I do a tc19 and a tc3 burn. But then it pops back to full by the next day.


Because it is fun kicking out people from the leaderboard for no reason :face_with_monocle:



I suspect that your frustration comes because you are using your best heroes as your Defense Team.

The only purpose of a Defense Team is to protect your trophies and your food/iron that is stashed in the Watchtower. No matter how great your Defense Team is you will always be raided and you will often lose. There’s always someone better than you in a PvP game mode.

Because of this, I personally advise that you do not use your best possible heroes in your Defense Team. Use your 2nd best tank, use your 2nd best flank… basically, don’t put in utter crap, but DO put in your B-team. This way, when you log in during a new day you have lower trophies and you can use your A-Team to effectively take down enemy teams.

Hopefully this will help curb your frustration. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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