Why are there no updates for new players?

why are there no updates for new players? I have been in this game for a long time and I understand that if I started playing now, then I would just delete the game right away


I do not understand what you mean?

Should new players get a finished SH or a full 5 * hero team?

All previous MHs not leveled?

I’m so confused. You talking about the update that rolled out this morning for bugs they fixed or something else. I’m so confused. d8p19a4-8b9b6558-6432-4897-95e6-f34272fde990


many events for those who have been in the game for a long time, there is nothing for beginners.

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not about today’s, but in general, over the years have not created anything universal except for seasonal events


the game isn’t new player friendly in my opinion.

i agree the devs should do more for new players.

starting point for a new player today is much different than a starting point 3 years ago.

they start much much further behind.


I have not a small level and more than a hundred heroes, BUT I understand how difficult it is to start over


I came in late knowing the same thing you are experiencing. Couldn’t finish trails or challenges, was terrible in war and even some of the easy quests were too difficult. But I came to the forum to read up, and watched how to videos and I asked questions in my alliance. And now, I’m pretty darn good. Not amazing but I hold my own.

Like just about everything in life, patience pays off. Hang in there pal.


I think the new events, specifically TOL and Ninja, are an attempt to keep players who have been with EP a long time from getting bored and leaving.

I think they’re assuming a newish player still has things to do in the game to not be bored


Exactly this. Entire Season 1. Entire Season 2. Now Season 3. Seasonal ladders in 3 difficulties. Events in 3 difficulties. Then you get class quests. Then you get ToL etc.

Like seriously, this game offers so much stuff for you in your first year of playing/grinding. It makes you WANT all those heroes to get better.

Then you get them, climb and… turns out it becomes a child’s play and you get bored. But at first, it is sooo much to consume. Really don’t get what OP is talking about.


The “easy tier” for seasonal events is new in 2020 to address this issue, so it’s not entirely true to say there’s been nothing on this front.


They shall give new players 2 builders till they reach certain level. Increase initial roster capacity to 50. Increase initial WE to 24 so they can finish the 100 monster quest in one short. Give some bias to their RNG experiences…etc

There are so many thing they can do to “help” people starting with the game and cultivate potential P2W or at least C2P players. But being a ‘stingy’ company with already large player base, they really don’t care. Whatever

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Well, I’ve been in the game for 27 months now.
But I can also remember being unable to do rare quests and other things in the beginning.

You can hardly use a second builder at the beginning, as you can hardly bring the iron together with the short construction times.

The most important thing is to join an alliance that can advise you on any matter.

Alliances that are only led by beginners are not really good.

Therefore, the founding of your own alliance should only be possible from gamer level 20.

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I am wholly in agreement with the OP.

There seems to be an assumption here that new players will be perfectly content to grind through lower level provinces, and that they will automatically through the gift of magic RNG, be blessed right away with the heroes they need to complete said content.

Because, as we all know, everyone gets Bane for free early on. (this is actually 100% true)

Then apparently there are many others who believe that after playing for a few months, everyone eventually starts pulling 4* and 5* heroes on a regular basis, making all the rest of the content easy peasy going forward. (this is 100% false)

The mistaken belief that any player can easily set up a TC20 and start popping out Liannas on a regular basis a few months into the game. (this is 100% false)

The mistaken belief that a new player can just waltz in on day one, buy a bunch of 5* heroes, level them all up, and be in the top 100 leaderboards in their first month of playing. (more 100% falseness)

The telling to new players “hey just keep at it, pretty soon you will have a 4700 TP team like I do”… (so much 100% falseness)

As for alliances being run by noobs…
the problem is that, when veteran alliances bring in noobs, they are punished for it.
Won’t go into detail. But I started the game in a training alliance, and am now running a semi-training, semi-casual alliance. We get punished for having low level players in our company. The game’s matchmaking systems and such seem to want to actively discourage higher level alliances bringing lower level members into their ranks.

It’s a stupid broken system, and I’ll continue to complain about it. But I won’t let it drive me to kick out my lower level members. Game has a problem with mixed level / training alliances? Well then the game can pucker up and plant one right where the sun don’t shine. Go ahead and keep on matching us up against higher level players, you @#%ing @#%ers.

You want us to lose 9/10? That’s fine. Bring it. We’re not surrendering anytime soon. My low level teammates deserve just as much respect as anyone else. And they’re not going anywhere.

They’re also not giving you guys any money. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Little business pro-tip: it’s a bad idea to ■■■■ off old customers. It’s also a bad idea to ■■■■ off new customers.

Congrats, SG, you have managed to do both. And in record time, too!

Maybe y’all should stop doing that. Unless it’s all part of your nefarious plan to just shut down the servers soon anyway. In which case… this would all suddenly make perfect sense.


No offence, but trying to sell a game because of its “grind” isn’t overly appealing. It needs a hook and grab at the outset.


Earlier this year, I checked out an Empires rip-off game starting with the letter ‘M’.

At first, it was a novelty starting out again. I even managed to get two 5* as a 100% f2p. I stopped playing it as I’m not interested in grinding two games. Empires can be more than enough!

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I am perfectly content to grind in a game… if the grind itself is either fun or rewarding.

If I know I need one more farsight telescope to finish leveling one of my 5* heroes, and there is an event that has a guaranteed farsight telescope as a reward for completion, but I have to grind through several levels to get to it? Yes I will do that! Even if the event itself is repetitive and boring. Because the “fun” is knowing that once I’m done, I’ll be able to finish that hero.

Yay!!! Fun! Even though it will still take me another couple of months to finish that hero, at least now I know that I’ll eventually get to use it, and that will be fun. Getting to try out all of the fancy new features, seeing how effective that hero is in different kinds of situations, seeing how good it is in raids or how much it boosts my titan scores…

That for me is the fun.

Grinding towards a known guaranteed reward that I know will benefit me in the long term is something I am always willing to do.

Grinding just for the sake of grinding with no guarantee of loot? LOL what’s the freaking point??? :laughing:


I agree, there are no events for new players. There isn’t a rare monthly challenge event. There isn’t a weekly tournament where the heroes are limited to something easy obtainable heirs like 3*. There aren’t seasonally events that have an easy mode.

Why can’t sg come up with these types of events for new players?

Checker seasonal events have an easy mode…

Yea, but you know, you can’t get 3x 4 star ascension mats, 10x free pull and 400 emblems out of the Easy ladder so it is 100% unfriendly for new players. :roll_eyes:

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