Why are there no 4* Spirit Link Heroes?

When I first started raids, I absolutely could not deal with Spirit Link. Even if I had a debuffer on board, he never seemed powered up enough to dispel it. These days, Caedmon (or Sonya) can usually take care of that (and Perfect Riposte). Once I got Gunnar, I realized that he could help me get through some of the level 20 bosses without using a bunch of items, especially that creepy octopus with all the extra eyes on 20.2.

So anyway…why aren’t there any higher powered Heroes with Spirit Link? It’s easy enough to deal with in raids for higher powered teams, but it helps a bunch when you need to farm high world levels. For all the other powers, they at least have a 4* counterpart.

I suppose it was too good of a skill some time ago to give it to some 4* (better then Vivica skill IMO).

Now with multiple OP skills like Alberich or Arthur, i don’t see any problem to have some other good spirit linker.

A 3 star spirit linker gives 63 defence, a 4 star would have to be above 80 which would make it extremely op paired up with a healer or 2

And you already know the spirit linker will have high defence

Why would the defense +% have to be so high? The damage sharing seems like the valuable part. I would take it with +25% to have that.

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You are starting to see some of these skills leak into the higher level. First there was no 5* debuffer at all, then a couple of single target debuffers came out and now Zeline will debuff all. Given the significance of this they kept her special damage pretty low. They could do something similar with Spirit link I think.

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Because barely anyone would use a hero where a 3 star has a better power

The problem with the 3* is keeping them alive. I’d use a 4* with a weaker power if they had 300 more health.

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You probably would but no one else would

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