Why are the gems soo expensive?

we can buy 2 newest playstation4 game with the price of 10.000 gems!

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Because people are willing to pay that much :slight_smile:


ı also paid much but no more because I could not get heros that I paid for

That’s what you get for gambling.


The probabalities are very low, aren’t they? It takes a TON of pulls to basically guarantee getting a hero, and that costs a lot of money.

There are a lot of people who have gone F2P and are feeling a lot less pressure. @Rook and @Brobb have been doing it successfully for quite a long time, and @Rigs seems to be enjoying it too.


yes for this I prefer to buy playstation games
or pc games for my gaming pc,are cheaper than gems


You can also suppprt world peace :peace_symbol:


If you go to a restaurant and you dont like the prices on the menu, what do you do?


I would go another restaurant

There ya go. Problem solved


Not buying gems is a perfectly reasonable option. Many people play, enjoy, and excel in this game without spending anything, or perhaps buying a little bit here and there.

I think the best value for money, at least for the first year, is the VIP package. It lets you build your base buildings up twice as quickly plus gives you well-priced gems. Building your base quickly lets you get Training Camp 20 running ASAP, where you will get a regular stream of useful heroes.


I already support someone

I understand you but my question is why are the gems very expensive? what is the answer of this question

Because people buy them.

It’s imaginary data. They can slap whatever price they want on it as long as people will pay it. Compared to other games I’ve heard about, SG is rather conservative in their pricing


I think the first answer you got is correct: it’s the profit-maximizing price for SGG.


Gems in shop are so absurdely overprized to make people think:

„Hey this offer gives 3000 gems and some items for just 29$ - thats cheaper than in the shop and is a good deal“ or „2$ for 400 gems, wow this deal is awesome“

If you think of it rationally even the event deals are super expensive for what you actually receive - some lousy odds.

But the marketing strategy works because that‘s how human brains work.


Exactly. Unless we decide in advance how much a gem is worth TO US.
I, for example, will never pay more than 50 cents every 100 gems, already a ridiculous price for a gambe with so little chances to win a digital hero that will likely be obsolete in a relatively short time. Or the game will die or I will get bored of it.
Any other kind of offer, even if it will contain rare mats, simply doesn’t exist to me.

We can be stronger than marketing.


It’s really no different than spending money on any experience. Take a look at these ziplining prices:

$89 for a few hours of ziplining. What physical thing do you have after spending that money? Nothing. Will you enjoy yourself? Maybe, but it costs the same whether you do or not.

Or how about dropping $20 on movie tickets? Two hours, and you’re done. All you have is memories afterward.

This is an experience hobby. People often drop a lot of coin on their hobbies, with nothing to show for it but memories. With a movie, if you’re willing to wait a bit, you can often see the same thing later on TV for cheap/free. C2P/F2P here is pretty similar.


Sure but here it’s much worse.
Imagine if you would pay a cinema ticket and not know at all what movie you will see.
Imagine if 98% of the time you would get a movie you don’t like or you already saw multiple times.
Would you still pay for it?

I can even accept this kind of gamble but please don’t tell me the gems are cheap or the deal is good.


Who said they were cheap, or that the deal was good? I’ve scanned the thread, and I’m not seeing it anywhere. Here’s what I said:

But ultimately Kerridoc said it right: gems are sold at the price point that maximizes SG’s profits.


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