Why are the gems at different amounts?

This just does not seem right. Why am I being charged more than somebody else? Thank you for your time in this matter.

Its from 2 different accounts

It goes up/increases in gem price each successive increase.


Every 5x purchases you make of the “Increase hero cap” the price increases by 50 gems.

The account owner on the left has (simply put) bought more Hero Capacity Increases then the account owner on the right.


How is that when we both have 330 in the roster? Had to but the same amount. About the same level of play same size roster. Do not understand at all.

Are you both the same level?

You gain roster space on some level-ups.

Yes I know you gain levels and some add space. He was level 48 im level 45. That’s only like 2 or 3 spaces difference.

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