Why are the event heroes so bad?

Other than titans they have 0 use.

Repetitive - defence against fheir colours and the 5 stars have low damage to all enemies

Colen is more useful then them

I think everyone would like to see unique skills, they’re not even worth spending gems for

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I like Panther. Must be the cat in me. :grin:


I like my Jackal. He’s pretty useful IMO.

Panter and Jackal good heroes, much better then useless Captain Sargasso and other cards from last event

Not in the event he isn’t.

I like the event heroes. I think they’re cool.

You haven’t lived until you’ve paired up 2 maxed jackals or a maxed jackal/wu kong on a dark titan :slight_smile:

He’s great for all aspects. I even use him on holy titans sometimes because I can make his normal hit balance with the special and he has huge attack power.

The event bosses are all good in that role. As a hero in hand, though, they fall into two categories:

  1. Underwhelming: Kong and Owl. I can’t think why I would spend the resources needed on these two.
  2. Specialists: Panther, Jackal, Falcon. These three are all great as “one” of a one-two punch, best paired with a strong one-shot hitter of matching color (e.g. Sartana, Joon, Marjana respectively) or more generally in a doubled/tripled setup.

Is the specialist role narrow? Yes, but something I use every day against titans and frequently in raiding. There’s enough value there for me to have these guys in line for ascension (well, Jackal and Falcon; Panther didn’t want to come with me. Typical cat, wont come when it’s called!)


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