Why are the 1* troops put in front in the inventory?

When I acces the troop list in the inventory I see levelled 4* troop first then suddenly 1* troops. Then unlevelled 4* - 3* - 2* in this order. There is no way I can change the order. This happens after the lastest update. Why this specific order ? It makes no sense. Btw all colors has this order.

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I was going to joke that the game is telling you to feed your feeder troops, but I checked and I can confirm that I’m seeing the same behavior.

The good news is that if you check them through the barracks they’ll be in the right order. Probably why this wasn’t noticed sooner.

The troops in the barrack has the order I prefer and you can also change the order. In case you think why do I have so many troops. Troop levelling is food intensive !! I have amass the troops from the start of the game. I have also no decided between crit and mana troop. Most people will say only mana troop but I haven’t made my mind yet.

Do you noticed that I don’t have any red 4* troop. After pulling so many troops the red 4* troops still eludes me.

Must be a bug…nice to show how many troops you have.congrats… :joy:
Edit:you will get a red 4* …it just takes a bit to praise the RNG
My troops are from high to low…as always…

Take a look in the Inventory screen, not the Barracks screen.

Yea, there is a mix up…that is true…
But in my inventory is “sorted” like first 4x4* purple…then a mix of all other puples,then 4x4* yellow…then mix of others…and so on…

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