Why are some OP heroes nerfed, but others arent?

As others have said GM, Tell, Vela are the most common so complaints about those heroes come more frequently.

Seshat is completely nullified by Noor

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Mother north, heimdall, Finley, jabber and some other you’re complaining about are not in the same situation of Telluria and Vela. The situation is being too frequent and with a too good synergy

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I’ve had her revive three but now I just treat her as a priority target hiding up there on left wing.

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That’s a moot point.

I’m not sure why frequency matters?
If they’re OP they’re OP.
Pretty simple.
All of this is in the name of “rebalancing”.


I am against nerfing after release in general unless a hero completely breaks the game like Tellu did.

I cannot see Finley or other Event-heroes breaking the game. Finley is super strong yes, maybe too strong yes but so is Gravemaker but there are numerous ways to counter them.

Because the Tellu/Vela Combo makes up for more then 2/3 of Top100 meta. The Synergy is still strong enough to be way better then any other synergy available. So tuning it done to make it more in line with other possible Strategies is a correct decision imo.

I disagree that Finley is OP-he can wreck a team with buffs up, but without any he’s only a sniper with defence down. You just have to plan your team around him on offence-don’t bring hotm with elemental links, and don’t bring heroes who buff your team, and if you can’t avoid bringing them time your specials right. Besides which, he is an event hero, meaning he is a lot more rare (not that many players have him on their team) and therefore should be very strong. Don’t forget that Finley has a hard counter in JF as well (+94% defence against ice and defence ailment protection). Regarding Jabberwock, I rarely see him in defence teams, (event hero once again) but when I have faced him he hasn’t been a huge problem, like Finley you just have to plan your team around him. I am personally against nerfs on heroes unless they are blatantly OP, instead I think many bad and mediocre heroes should be buffed so players actually have a use for them.


Lol so I cant bring any hotm or anyone that has buffs?
That’s a healthy percentage of the available heroes. So basically bring s1 snipers against a murderers row of Finley gtv jabberwocky
Yeah, I’m sure that works out more often than it doesnt.


What heroes are they planning to nerf/buff?

Actually, there are 45 non-S1 5* heroes that don’t apply any buffs to themselves or others, and a lot more in the 4* realm. Remember some hotm don’t have element link either. Also, you can bring heroes who apply buffs-I have taken a hotm vs Finley before-you just have to be careful with timing their special (not a good idea to bring buffing healers).

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I’m still not on board with the second part of this argument. I think they could have handled it better so that not every person and their dog got one. I didn’t caught up in the nerfing threads. She is not everyone’s favourite hero to face but if not her it would be someone else imo.

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One thing we should make it clear first of all: Do you think that SG is trying to make everything balance here? I don’t think so. Can you tell me what is balance in this game and why? There are no certain rules that called balance here. SG makes changes based on the player’s feedback/complaints. It’s business for them and they make a profit out of it, their job is to make as many players happy as they can so they are willing to open their wallet. For example, if there is a superhero in the game that 1 shot the enemy and obviously stronger than everything else, as long as nobody complains about it, you think they would take time to fix this $hit? They are making a change to these 2 heroes because do you know how many players complained? How many players own them? Compare to how many players own Finley and Jabber? If there is 1 million complains against Telly/Vela and only 10k against the rest, why would they bother with other than those 2, in general, event heroes are harder to get, so much fewer people own them that makes fewer people complain.

You miss something my friend, when SGG released telluria, they didn’t know that it is overpowered? Yes they did, but they released her for making people spend more and more money. After couple of months that have earned a lot of money they decided to nerf her… I can say that it was in the right direction. Now they decided to nerf her more but at the same point to buff Vela? Why? Why she will enters in tavern soon, so they want to make people spend again and again, probably will buff again telluria few months later… Close to January or February, we know why… Money money money, it’s all about money and they don’t care about players


Lol now you know how it is, I don’t know if it’s their plan but if it brings them profit who knows. The topic is about why not nerf the other so called “OP” hero, if it’s like what you said, then there is another reason or 2 for them to save the time: They are not going into the tavern, so no further profit, then why should they even bother to upset their costumer who own those heroes.

I think except for the massive Rage Against The (Telluria) Machine here SG really doesn’t pay that much attention to the forums – the driving force is hero usage. If a hero is obviously overused a nerf may be in order. If a hero is obviously underused a buff may be in order. Guin was nerfed at least twice. GM was initially considered underpowered by the player base and only became used more when his synergy with other heroes was recognized (and that very fast speed on defense). Aegir was buffed because he didn’t suit his role as a tank well and was underused.

What SG want is hero usage balance to drive up the demand for more of them.

I personally still find Ursena harder to deal with than Finley, which may be an indictment of my holy heroes.

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You know I’m all for balance, it is after all what keeps a game challenging… But balance is based on perception. To me the last nerf with Tell was good enough, to ME. To someone else, they may think Tell needed more cuts. My point is why not ask us, the ones who use these heroes what should/shouldn’t be done?? Shouldn’t we have a little say? Like the latest Vela buff… I’d like to see Vela go to at least average mana with her buff. To me THAT’S balance…

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i am more into buffs than nerfs.
although finley and jabber are strong, they aren’t common enough to cause balance problems like telluria/vela.

buffing underused/underwhelming heros has a much better impact on the game, Kong is the latest success (and somewhat atomos and Captain of Diamonds too)

i really encourage SG to go to the buff approach and also review very old nerfs (ares, zeline, guin, athena… etc)
it will reshuffle things in a good way and make heros more useful on attack, heros sitting on the bench will be used.

i am sure each has maxed 5* heros permanently sitting on the bench because they lost this shine or just underwhelming (for me misandra, inari, guin, ares and few others i rarely use now)

Defense is another story because emblems is discouraging trying new defense teams the way it is implemented.


My thought is that as they’re uncommon, they don’t break the game. Telly/Vela are everywhere, and that’s why they got much more attention. Surely if Finley was a HotM it would have been already nerfed.