Why are some OP heroes nerfed, but others arent?

So, the Telluria-Vela nerfing saga continues…
But my primary question is this:
Why do some OP heroes get nerfed (and continue to be nerfed) such as Telluria Vela, while other clearly OP heroes such as Finley, GM, Jabberwocky, etc never get nerfed.
Could it have anything to do with the untouched heroes being behind a MASSIVE paywall? SG knows better than to cut their cash cows?
Then there’s the clear problem of underpowered heroes like Sargasso who never get their PROPER buff, usually just receiving a pittance and remain pretty bad.
For every G. Kong Buff that works we see inconsequential ones like Sargasso had a while back, ooooo 10% extra dmg what an improvement!
If you’re going to say certain combos are too unfair, then you cant just gloss over broken heroes like Finley.
But hey C.R.E.A.M., right?


Finley should be nerfed at least. Just compare it damage to Misandra (or chance to activate additional attack, which is almost 100% for Finley in defence, with chain links counts as a buff) or any other blue Average speed hero (In fact it’s even better then SLOW Isarnia).


For several years, people have been clamoring the nerf of several heroes. AFAIK, those who were nerfed were Athena, Zeline, and Guinevere, among others. A few months since his release in the 2nd quarter of 2018, people have started clamoring to nerf Gravemaker. Back then, players have few heroes to properly handle the VF mana and DoT of GM as he terrorize players for several months, until the time when players do not fear him anymore since the right heroes have been acquired, leveled and maxed. Currently, with too many counters for GM, the call for nerfing him is a thing of the past as the likes of Ariel, costumed Sonya, mono blues, even Rigard, became good counters against GM.

100% agree to nerf Finley and Jabbawock. They are too strong for their own good. I hope to see the changes on those heroes.


More important to note (in my humble opinion) is the target of nerfs and the consequent events.

Guinevere maintained top 3 tank status even after her nerf, and was highly desired for a long time despite aforementioned nerf. Careful to protect the value of their paywall cash cow. Only the slow introduction of several direct counters was Guinevere made “manageable”. It took a while, and came about organically.

Telluria and Vela WERE too powerful. The 1st nerf left a good amount of power intact while not destroying the innate synergy. The more they tinker with the specials of T and V, the less time they’re spending creating well thought out, easier to access direct counters. Noor, Lady Loki, eventually Reuben all help this cause. Zocc is a nice soft counter to Vela.

I just feel like the execution is going from “below average, but passable” to “jeez, this is getting messy” in a hurry.

And the leaving out of Finley, Jabber, etc is such blatant BS I just cant get around it.
Why is GM’s nature damage boost still there? Synergy with T and V seems “too overpowering” or however SG characterized the T and V synergy lol.


Disagree that GM is OP.

Vela just getting buffed, so not sure what ya mean by that little bullet point :stuck_out_tongue:

But honestly I don’t know how they decide. Seems arbitrary to me? :man_shrugging:


Sorry, I’ll just say “character balancing” lol.
Does seem arbitrary, though, doesn’t it?
I mean some heroes are just completely forgotten and given up on lol
Once again, I’ll clarify what I left out for sake of brevity and the fact that I was typing impromptu, what I meant when I said GM is OP. He’s overpowered, a) historically speaking, GM was OP for a while, and remains a top hero, so this was kinda like when an old NBA MVP is still referred to as an MVP, or an ex-president will still be referred to as “President so and so”. More of an honorific, if you will, (b) Removing the extra nature dmg like Vela’s fire dmg is removed, (c) his synergy with TV IS OP in alot of respects.
I’ll concede GM may no longer be “OP” singularly, but could easily still take a tweak like mentioned above, hes got plenty of extra power and is still chased by plenty.

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IMO It’s based on complaints. There aren’t massive threads on Finley or Jaberwocky like Telluria.

I think you answered your own question. Hotm were/are easy to get and prevalent where you don’t see the paywall heroes as much, so when they come back around, it provides incentive for people to spend money chasing them.

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Go over to titan mafia and check this out…:

So less then 20 players inside of Top100 do have Jabberwock or Finley in their defense.

While beiing powerful they are not as oppressive as Gravemaker, Tellu, Vela, Drake and Seshat.


For Finley, I don’t think the number of players who own him is big enough like Telly. So the sound of nerfing him could be much smaller, he is just harder to get than a hotm.


I strongly believe that SG should buff and nurf heroes at least once a month based on the heroes usage and win percentage during wars. There are so many heroes out there but only a handful of them are being used regularly. The vast majority of them are benched except for when TOL appears and war battles. In my opinion this makes the game less interesting especially for players with 2+ years of experience like myself.

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Dunno about Jabber. I easily counter him by using 2 high quality healers (Ariel, C. Vivica or Kunchen) but I know those heroes are not in everyones’ list so I won’t say


Those 5 listed are all more available.
So because a hero is less available, they should be immune to nerfs?
There’s such disparity in the event 5s its not BALANCED at all. So why cant it be BALANCED?
SG keeps referencing re balancing but there seems to be a complete lack of interest in balancing certain cash cows.
Finley is way too OP. Limit it to 3 targets, idk.
You cant cleanse Jabberwockys poison which would be an easy and fair nerf.
It’s not a balancing act anymore it’s just knee jerk reactions.


There are a few that I think should be nerfed:

Seshat - One woman army much?
Mother North = Every time she goes off with me, she revives at least one hero, every damn time!

Ones that revive and heal, should ONLY revive with a small HP, not revive with the full heal %, i think that is extremely unfair, especially since their mana increases too.


Thank you .yes you are write

Finley is the only real problem hero. He is basically a 6* hero because he’s head and shoulders better than everyone else. Get rid of the elemental links causing the chain at a MIMIMUM, but even then he’s a bit OP. If he is on a defense you have to solely concentrate on him because if he goes off it’s basically over for you. The defenders will point to Mitsuko, LOL. Yeah, that one counter-hero that probably <5% of players have makes it ok. LOL


But I mean everyone’s in agreement: Finley is about as broken as it gets.
So why more messing with Telly and Vela?
Why no buffs for other heroes left behind in the dust (Sargasso, Rumple, etc)?
Why is SG still focused on this telluria vela thing from the “nerfing, character re balancing” aspect when it should be focused on making other great tanks and great counters.
I mean ffs.


Better they buff latest weak heroes such as Rafaelle, Noor, Zock.

Some people maybe paid lots of money to catch Telluria, Finley, Vela etc. So i disagree to nerf heroes; just SGG cannot find balance between heroes.

Telluria and Noor at both HotM; i dont think anybody will accept to trade her Telluria with Noor. Buffing Sargosso like heroes will help players to feel fair.


Yes, Mother North and Heimdall are too strong and need nerf, they have hero reviving ability is good, but they also need to nerf on other way to make the whole thing in balance, like very slow mana generation or very low defencing power… etc.

Developer may trying to make the game balancing but, they’re actually broke that by launching some significantly overpowered heroes. Is that was made by intentionally ? or just a mistake ? The answer is only known by them…


King Arthur also have the attack debuff, affect only 1 tho.

Main difference is that Finley and Jabber are event heroes, very uncommon ones, actually. Telluria/Vela were HotM and so easier to get.