Why are so many seasoned players level 50+ stopping to play quit and uninstall?

I have been in my current alliance for 8 months…About 7-8 members (most of them with more than 2 years playing) have decided to stop playing mainly for two reasons

Game has become extremely boring and monotonous

Some new features created false expectations not accomplished once they were released (aka Hero Academy)…

I have been playing for 18 months…still enjoy game but not the same I did a year ago…

Raids are boring…AWs are boring… personally I kind like Alchemy, Academy and upcoming new features…but now on raids and AW… you just no need as much ability as some time ago…all it is a matter of luck and pray for good boards…and that’s it… and this really sucks…

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I can’t auto play any of the S3 hard stages. I’m going in with a good 4300 team but the AI can’t deal with the runic rocks well and the mobs will kill me before the healing specials are ready. I watch one the other day the AI was doing stupid stuff it would get away with on S2 but the runes just continue to baffle it.

So I’ve played all the hard modes to where I am now…which is mid way through Stage 13 at the moment.

Not yet but it is happening. I am getting less and less active. When leader of my alliance will find decent replacement, I will quit.

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We’ve had a few people in our alliance quit that had been playing for 2+ years quit recently. Lot of others mid range that haven’t quit, but won’t spend another dime on the game.

Biggest issues I’ve seen from people venting in alliance chat are:

  1. Spend money on 30 pulls and get nothing but 3 star hero’s and maybe 2 or 3 garbage 4 stars. Yeah it’s rng but if you spend 80 dollars for 60 pulls, imo there SHOULD be a 100% guarantee to get at least one 5 star hero. I had the same thing happen to me this last Atlantis draw. 54 x 3 star heroes and 6 x 4 star, all fodder.

A couple members did get the monthly hero but no one got any 5 star Atlantis heroes. For me, I won’t spend another dime on this game until they quit being so stingy. I have no issues spending money, but with these guys the odds are worse then a casino.

  1. terrible boards… hear this non stop from everyone and likely one of the biggest gripes. Losing to teams 400-500+ power below you non stop. What’s the point in having high level hero’s if you constantly get jacked by rng.

  2. Ascension materials… way to rare…the 5 star hero ones. Most of them blocked behind spend money on packs. Goes in point again to what’s the point in even having them if you don’t have a decent 5 star to even use them on.

  3. rewards from chests just seem to be garbage ( outside of the elemental ones ) lately so little incentive to even complete them.

  4. Titan difficulty seems to be all over the board. E.G. …we can drop a 7 star titan in 12hrs with ease and then we get a 8 star and 9 times out of 10 we will miss it by 25-30%.

  5. Alliance wars… just a joke. I don’t know what’s going on there but I think we’ve had one actual close match in the last 9 or 10 wars. Had 1 where we literally obliterated an “apparent” even matched team by 1k+ points and then the last 4 or 5 wars we’ve lost by 1500-2k points… just doesn’t make sense.

Bottom line the game developers are just to greedy. I get and understand you want to make money. It’s the name of the game for any company. The direction they’ve gone now may make them more money short term…but if I just look at our alliance of 30 members… no one is spending money anymore as there is almost nothing in return unless you hit a jackpot.

I’ve probably done 10-15 Atlantis 30 pulls… never seen a 5 star. So for me… that’s it. I’ll spend my money elsewhere where it’s not a slot machine where the odds are .01%.


Add me to the list. I started playing May 2018. Decided to make one last raid run a few weeks ago.

Take care all!


Damn…I think 3297 is the highest I’ve seen!

Like many I am quitting the game as well. I was never a hardcore gamer and EP was my first game I was willing to put money into playing. But since the GTV combo, I got bored with the game. There’s another forum post recently about whether this game is skills or luck, and the conclusion seems to be it’s skill for choosing the right team, rather than skill for manipulating boards. Yeah ok but with GTV 90% of my raids are now done using the same red-purple stack. And when boards are crap, I lose. When boards are good, I win. Nowadays I can predict with almost 100% accuracy whether I will win a raid just by looking at the opening board.

Then I started playing another game, RPG this time, but also with a hero gacha. There the pull rates are not splendid either, but for every 300 pulls (this counts for both heroes and equipment though, so like pulling for epic heroes AND TROOPS in EP) you are guaranteed a 5* hero of your choice, and there is also one 5* obtainable by farming, and training and ascension costs are lower. And the game’s RPG, so in addition to forming the right team (just like EP) there’s actual skill involved in gameplay (rather than board luck in EP) - and aside from the normal battle, there’s even the occasional puzzle or race mode. PvP and alliances also exist.

That’s when I realised there are many games out there that are done way better, fairer and more humane than EP. I guess the gaming market is very competitive so developers need to listen to user feedback more, and SG doesn’t exactly do a good job either. But the lesson for me is, the world is much larger than just EP, and once I got out of it, I cannot stomach the unfairness, stinginess, and narrowness of SG and EP anymore. If SG hadn’t been so poor in managing the game after being acquired by zynga (and zynga is of course famous for making gambling/slot/casino games), a casual gamer like me would not have been pushed to find another game - I have SG to thank for that.


Hey, guys. Before you leave the forum, can you please make a last ditch effort by signifying it here:

Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI].

Thank you.

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Another member of my alliance left today, at level 70.

:frowning: I wont share his goodbye words until he authorizes me.

A very sweet person with a perfect GraveTella + Alice and Jabberwock team with level 28 to 30 troops.

Three main reasons that made him take a forever break were summoning odds (he probably already grabbed too many heroes and summoning more would only give doubles), worsening boards & heroes of the month, and worsening titan loot/useless chests.

He said he wasn’t bored in raids since his G. Gazelle used to kill any team. While wars made him too upset and he shared many screenshots in Line showing horrible starting boards until he got tired.

He’s someone who taught me a lot and mostly info that I know today. It’s always sad to see someone you like just fading away. Not 100% blaming devs but they could do better.


I’m on the brink of uninstalling the game. I spend too much to be, suddenly, finding myself at a huge disadvantage. Since the intro to ninjas and S4, I have spent a couple grand and I have two 5* heroes from those arenas (one each).

For nearly four years, I have tolerated all the frustrating elements of the game. I’ve raged and I’ve rolled with it, but the last few months have been nothing but disappointment at every turn.

It’s gotten past the point of sanity. It’s simply not smart to put money into this game, anymore. And I’m too competitive to not try. So, the only reasonable thing for me to do is to stop playing.

I know the whales will keep this game going much longer than it should, but I guess that’s by design. They’ve definitely developed the game in a manner that prices average folks out.

It really used to be a great game. And while the new developments remain exciting and enticing, you just aren’t getting your money’s worth, anymore.


Ganz einfach, um so mehr Geld du hier rein steckst, um so mehr wirst du hier beschissen! Die Betreiber sind nur auf ABZOCKE aus und betrügen, wo sie nur können. Das ganze Spiel ist manipuliert!!! Bestes beispiel gerade. Spiele mit meiner Truppe, 4614 Stärke Level 63 gegen 4116Stärke und Level 43. Ich verliere, obwohl ich vier Gegner ausschalte und nur tyre beim Gegner stehen bleibt. Der belebt sich über 20 mal wieder und schaltet nach und nach alle meine Gegner AUS. Meine Helden haben kaum manazuwachs, tyer bei jedem zug voll. Von wegen “we play together”. Hier wird nur betrogen und abgezockt… Turniere sind stark manipuliert! Schwächere sind hier stark bevorteilt. Russen und Asiaten scheinen hier auch extrem zu modden oder zu bescheissen… Oder bekommen hier extreme Vorteile vom Betreiber. Alles schon erlebt. Und alles nur für bunte Bilder und ein MANIPULIERTES Gameplay… Einfach kein Geld mehr reinstecken und fertig, vieleicht ändert sich ja dann was…

Well, our alliance is at a healthy 29 and we are a family of alliances and just opened another one. I think after many years everything loses its patina, but all in all the number of newbies outdoes the number of leavers (and that’s why they are Zynga’s best investment to date). I’d say go and recruit some more new (but not too new) players at AR.

AJ Der Bruktierer. Sag’ mir doch bitte wieso die Firma einen Gewinn macht, wenn sie dich ‘abzockt’ wie du sagst? Macht keinen Sinn. Spiele seit ueber 2 Jahren und habe mich noch nie betrogen gefuehlt. Suche dir doch ein anderes Spiel.

I stopped spending a while ago as Hero drop rates are ridiculous and ascension items now near non-existent for me (don’t care what others say about this not being true - good luck to you if not). Only spend on the Mythic Titan now as 2/3 of the team buys in here. Have to say much happier now with the game, as not chasing anything anymore and just enjoying the game for what it is. Thankfully in a team of likeminded individuals, which helps enormously.

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Genau diese Antwort habe ich hier erwartet. Wie immer. Alles schön reden, obwohl es hier zu hauf Beschwerden gibt. Ich denke, wenn man dieses Spiel länger spielt bekommt man ein gutes Gefühl dafür, wie der Hase läuft… Deine Antwort finde ich sehr schlecht! Dann geh doch, wenn es dir nicht passt… Denke, hier geht es um Diskussion, und nicht um schönrederei. Denke, das viele hier viel Geld gegeben haben und nicht das bekommen, was sie erwarten. SG nutzt nun mal ein suchtverhalten aus und ist aber nicht so fair, wenigstens was dafür zu geben. Die Berechnung hier ist reine Willkür und wird im Hintergrund genau gesteuert. Wenn es nicht so wäre, wären es keine Profis. Einfach mal etwas recherchieren… Ich habe eigentlich auch kein Problem Geld für etwas zu bezahlen, was mich erfreut und beschäftigt. Nur hier läuft das halt nicht so. Habe jetzt seit zwei Monaten kein Geld mehr rein gesteckt, weil ich hier einfach abgezockt werde. Kann ich nur jedem empfehlen. Das Spiel geht trotzdem weiter und deswegen bekommt man nicht mehr oder weniger. Nur die Art und Weise ist mehr als pervers. Wenn man bedenkt, daß hier viele Alte und Kranke sind und gnadenlos verarscht werden, wird eim echt schlecht…

A.J. The majority of posts in the forum are negative, not positive. I am an exception here. -. As I already said, nothing is rigged here - what purpose would it serve? Oh, Mondays we make all boards go green and Tuesdays everyone loses? Besides, players here have tested all that, and it’s all kosher. Funny that 2 years of playing have confirmed exactly that to me. Some days are good, some bad, some games surprise me, some don’t etc - the boards - and everything else - run by RNG: numbers are randomly generated - (heisst das alles dem Zufallsprinzip unterliegt). I know men in dark rooms manipulating board aimlessly is more interesting, but totally false. Anyway, you will stick by your beliefs just as some believe Trump won the 2020 election or that the moon landing was fake. . … … No problem.

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PS. A. J. The players here know what they are doing and there is a long established ‘no spend’ community - people who have decided to spend nothing. I prefer spending some money, other don’t, again no problem. As it makes you sick, find a different game. good luck!

Also immer noch die gleiche Leier, alles ist toll, besonders der Betreiber. Dann nehmt euch doch ein Zimmer und gut ist. Und was hat trump mit diesem abzockspiel zu tun. Wie du schon sagst, das die Mehrheit hier unzufrieden ist… Und du redest es trotzdem schön… Mag ja sein, das du dich gerne verarschen lässt und dir dein geld für Betrug aus der Tasche leiern lässt. O. K. Viel Glück dabei. Die Berechnung hier ist reine Willkür und wenn der Betreiber meint, das du verlieren sollst, dann verlierst du. Hat weder was mit taktik zu tun noch mit irgendeinem hintergrundwissen. Sie zocken uns einfach ab. Wie gesagt, kann man alles googeln. Die nationalen verbraucherzentrale warnen wehemend vor diesen Betrügern. Leider sieht sich kein Gesetzgeber dazu bereit, diese ABZOCKE zu massregeln. Ich gebe hier kein Geld mehr für diese Betrüger… Und das kann ich hier auch nur jedem raten!

P. S. Leider werden die Beiträge hier stark Zensiert, was auch auf seriõsität hinweist, ha ha, ha ha…

Und noch mal, es ist traurig, daß der Betreiber hier besonders Alte, Kranke und einsame Menschen abzockt. “we abzock together” all of you😁

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