Why are players from the diamond Arena attacking me in the platinum. Arena?

I have lost over 250 trophies from players in the diamond Arena attacking me in the platinum Arena. First wars is unbeatable because of unfair matchup now raids are coming from the diamond Arena. What the hell is going on?

It doesn’t go by arena…it goes by trophy count. anyone within 300 cups up or down is in the mix, doesn’t matter what arena you’re currently in.
And I feel your pain… most days I wake up to between 200 & 300 cups gone. And have to climb the ladder again.

That is the problem. I can’t win a raid for nothing. If I attack I lose every single time. So I quit retaliation cause I never win them. But looking to a team 600 points below you and you can’t win in retaliation either. Boards have been nothing but crap for 2 weeks straight. Except for 1 round with a titan I was in the mid 20 to 30000 range. Other than that I have been around 15000. Sunday morning I also lost 29 feeder hero’s while making coffee. Someone please look into this. It is really getting old.

If you are consistently losing to teams that much lower in team power (NOT how many trophies they have) then it may be your team composition or positioning of heroes. There are some really good raid strategy threads here in the forums, and many experienced players happy to help with advice if you would like it on teams and other game tips and tricks.

We all are at the mercy of the boards, nothing you can do about that. It just makes the occasional good ones that much more satisfying! Hang in there!


I understand your frustration because I been there and I think we all have… Like u when I entered the platinum arena (four weeks now) I was loosing everything, I mean every raid I was getting hit by I was unable to defend… Come to find that my problem was my defense line up.

Seek help from the more advance players and try to see whats going on.

Regarding your offence… I dont think that matters … I have beaten 3600 and 3800 with 3100 and 3300 teams.
Is all about how you play against your opponent. Strategy, Board manipulation, and heroe’s…

I hope this help.

You beat me to it… Well said!

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