Why are Odin and Thor Midgard realm not Asgard realm?

I’m not sure if the developer choose realm of hero relate to Norse mythology or not.
Lord Loki is Jotunheim realm. (relate to Norse mythology)
Heimdal is Asgard realm. (relate to Norse mythology)
If Odin is the king of Asgard, why he shouldn’s be Asgard realm.
And it look like Thor is Midgard realm because Odin is Midgard realm.

Magni is son of Thor (Móði and Magni - Wikipedia) but I think it is just a coincidence of name.


What on earth is the guy above rambling on about :rofl:


I still asking myself why a creepy dragon-like monster (Jabber) is a monk.

I mean, he is not really… monkish.


Whereas Wu Kong is quite Monk-ey

Back to the OP, perhaps they based it on the marvel films, wherein both of those characters visit Midgard (Earth)?


Dad Joke Credentials verified. Naturally, I am envious.


that’s like dad joke level 100 right there. :slight_smile:

on topic… yeah the realm category seems off from where they should be. I also vote that Magni should get a realm bonus and should have been involved in S3 somehow especially since Hel was


I think it’s because Midgard was short on heroes, and they felt they had to sacrifice some Asgardians to fill the gaps. Still though, I don’t think Thor–and especially not Odin–should’ve gone there. Who else can go in Midgard? I don’t know. But not Odin. :joy:

I’d also like it if they rounded the 5* summons out to 20 heroes.

Well, in MCU Thor was expelled to Midgard ad the beginning of first movie, and sometime in second Loki put Odin in retirement home on Midgard too :smiley: . But while this game seems to be heavily inspired by mainstream movies (go ahead and tell me Correlia isn’t Pirates of Caribbean) it still seems weird.

Also, someone versed in Norse Mythology could explain while Frigg is from Alfheim?

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Well, if Magni does, why Hel wouldn’t? And Ægir, then?

I see the point of this post, it’d be funny if they actually revised heroes from the past into this new season. And I mean, Hel is actually huge part of S3 storyboard.

Even in the ancient mythology Odin and Thor spent an inordinate amount of time on Midgard. Pretty much every Norse / Swedish / Danish / Angle / Saxon king traced his lineage back to Odin. and many traditions make Thor’s mother Jord (Earth personified).

It is a nonsense humor (absurdist humour or surreal comedy).

I know Midgard was short on heroes but Odin is the king of Asgard. How can the king of Asgard be Midgard realm ? It is like you put Ymir, the king of Jötunn, is Midgard realm.

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Are you sure you are not @Turnbeutelvergesser reincarnated

I think… it is because he is from a nonsense poem (Jabberwocky - Wikipedia). Make him monk will make no sense at all :smile:

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