Why are my numbers not increasing on Titan kills

I’ll be waiting for a rapid response.

Thatbis defeat titans ii, did you kill one since completing I?

I believe we have compelled six Titans since the last one part was completed, as well as me getting the final blow on our last one. So, yes.

All that needs to happen is to have a Dev look at my account and verify. That would be the simplest, although sadly, developers replying in the Forum seems to be an absolute scarcity.

Send a support ticket

Support tickets no longer work the way they used to. Now everything is a redirect to the forum’s so, here we are.

Looks to be another opportunity for the devs to separate themselves from the player base.

Petri and Rubikinga do keep an eye on this thread. Unfortunately, this thread won’t likely get attention from Small Giant until after the weekend. You can use this link to put in a support ticket directly : https://smallgiant.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

As a note, with the new version, there are additional options for getting support from Small Giant. There is now the option of going to the community forum (especially good because there’s sometimes already info related to your problem), or sending to support directly.

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Thanks for the info Coppersky. You must have a working (beta) version beyond the one we all use as your screenshot looks nothing like mine, above.

I’m not in the beta test. It’s version 1.6.3, build 226, updated on Sept 6, iOS, iphone

Than iOs is different than the Android version, which I have : 1.6.3 - 395

Well, hopefully it gets rolled out to Android soon. :slight_smile:slight_smile:
The update was just bug fixes and smaller improvements (direct quote)

As do the rest of the Android users. Thanks again.

I’m on Android 1.6.3 - 395 and have the exact same options as @Coppersky.

So why you do not, is a mystery.
Maybe uninstall, clear cache and reinstall it?

Cleared cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, no change.

Sounds like a job for a Team SG! :slight_smile:

Any insight?

@Petri @RubiKinga @mhalttu

Thanks for the report regarding support tickets, we are looking into this.


The math seems pretty simple. I do not recall how many Titans were required for level 1 but level 2 requires 25. All we need do is take my total number of Titans, subtract from that number for level 1 and the remaining should go towards the next levels. That doesn’t seem to have happened at all.

Each reward tier starts over at 0.

You are exactly correct but that information does not change what I have just said. Even by starting over at zero, even if each level is at 25 to complete, I would be sitting at level 3 with 4 more Titan kills going towards the next 25, level 4

Mine shows Defeat titans II and progress 2/25 and I have killed 150 titans. So this isn’t right at all.

But how many have you killed since the new missions came out? The total is since you started playing, missions started at 0 when they were implemented