Why are hero created Very Slow mana

what’s the point of very slow heroes 9 out of 10x they wont be used because of their speed despite that their special is devastating. such as Alfrike shes a 5* phenom because of her speed she wont be used as much.
theres no point of a very slow hero it’s a wasted character. why not update them to Slow speed.

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i agree its annoying making ‘slow mana’ its really useless…

Yep, and Boss Wolf didn’t even get a buff this round. Very Slow heros should absolutely devastate the battle if they go off. I’m not saying that they should always go off, but when they do it should be game over.


i think its okay to create very slow heros but they should be like Alfrike … game-changing special moves/destroying the enemy.

Offtopic: Missing Bosswolf in the buff-list. :frowning:


If Afrike goes off it’s game-changing. She should definitely be very slow. She is literally 5 Merlin specials in one.

I think slow would be ideal although her special is a game changer but it’s not controllable. I may lose because she didnt hit the right hero.

I think the concept of Guardian Owl is what a Very Slow hero should be. Wait too long, and he eventually wakes up.
“What? You… You killed my team? Swept all my buddies? Urm… I’LL TAKE YOU ALL ON MYSELF!!!
Unfortunately he’s not powerful enough to actually do that, but in theory, that’s the idea. If they can actually pull off changing the game. People are saying Alfrike’s not that bad. Now I hope they can bring the other Very Slow heroes to her bar or higher.


In general, with all of the mana control heroes available, both slow and very slow heroes are mostly unreliable and ineffective in pvp. There are a couple exceptions.

Even average mana heroes feel slow without the mana troops.

It is probably too late at this point in the game but it would have been cool if speed and power had been directly proportionate such that slow heroes were fun. Certainly when the game first came out, Isarnia and Azlar were both respectable game changers.

Who knows, maybe 6* heroes will eventually hit the game and the balance will be a lot better and the meta will be favorable for slow and very slow heroes again.

This is true. If you don’t have terrible luck and play your cards right, though, there may not be many heroes left. That’ll increase the odds of a good hit, if that helps her case

I thought this was pretty cool


I agree it was very cool. I’m glad not the only one that thinks like this bout VS heroes. I’ll figure out the right team around Madea (that’s Alfrike). I cant pronounce her name lolz
so far I’ve tried a minion party Freya Telluria Madea Delilah Inari/puss in boots. it’s been quite fun I’ll keep working on a better team for her though.

I agree with that, I have Boss Wolf max out in my bench but never use him because of slow mana, hopefully they do something with him on next update as they are going to nerf Vela and Telluria and indeed thay need that,too powerful

Doubt boss or owl will get anything. Even changing mana to slow can be a issue with emblems n mana troops sure alot harder to get but could cause a issue down the line. As seeing a boss n owl on the same team could be pretty deadly with a change

  1. All very slow heroes benefit more of +mana regeneration. But I agree that currently only the idea is cool and the heroes despite alfrike are awful.

  2. Ok you could consider that in a game also PvE heroes can exist that are devastating when pushed with mana potions… But i dont see that much benefit in PvE to max out with very rare mats.

  3. Ok, probably a pvp could include a very slow hero. If you have a tile tsunami with diamonds and stuff your fast heroes can not “overcharge”… they are just full. In that rarw case a very slow hero would work well. IF there were more of them.

Personally I would love to play them but its just lame as every very fast hero fires twice with the same tiles, and those 2 specials are stronger then every very slow heroes special (despite alfrike).

In hope for a simpe balanced stat very slow hero that does 850% damage on target and minor damage on neighbors. Nothing more.

Edit: like in most of my posts. If every 5th or 6th alliance war had all heroes set on fast mana I would totally max out guardian owl

Boss Wolf is decent but not special tank an Owl is just underwhelming. But Alfrike is incredibly dangerous if she fires because it will cripple your team and on top her HP reduction is hard to remove, assuming those who can remove it even can do so because of Mindless.

You’ve got to remembee that not every hero is created to be a meta changing superstar. Some players get immense satisfaction or entertainment having a hero with monstrous numbers go off once in 10 or 20 rounds. There are a lot of players in lower tiers (esp kids) that absolutely love the idea of heroes like alfrike or owl.

Tbh when i was in low tiers myself running unmaxed 3 stars i would occasionally get totally devastated by heroes like hu tao or colen tanking for a team of really low/unlevelled 2 or 3 stars. Not enough to think they were op but again, some people really enjoy the huge payoff from these kinds of skills, enough to warrant including them in the game

As mentioned also some people just play for pve and these heroes can be fun for them there.

These very slow heroes are a way to appeal to those kind of players without breaking the game at high levels.

I will fully grant that Boss wolf is a holdover from a slower meta and is an exception that could probably be buffed to slow. I think he was an experiment that failed, but not badly enough to be immediatley fixed and so he likely never will be