Why are harvesters nerfed?

Why are item harvesters limited to season one?

First of all, in an entire 50 day POV you only get one of each, over the course of maybe two ARs. I just can’t wrap my head around how it harms SGs profits to allow us to use them intelligently rather than randomly. They’re also to some degree spending bait at higher levels of POV. (omnia). But would be far greater spending bait if they weren’t limited. As it stands, I have every harvester to date made available, untouched in inventory, and unlikely to be touched. So how does SG benefit from even inventing these items in the first place? On the contrary, I think they might inspire more purchases via feeding frenzy. Open it to AR.

Official request: delimit the harvesters.

Edit: technically they are not “nerfed” they just were nevar good in the first place.


This is a fair request. We get a handful once a month, why does SGG want us to send us to boredom town by doing levels we’ve done thousands of times before. Not during AR, I’m fine with that due to the flag discount. But other times it makes no sense.


Yeah, making them season 1 only essentially made them useless.


I’m sorry I didn’t find those previous discussions. I did a search but it was limited to general, much like harvesters are limited to s1. It seems at first glance though that this is a mostly unanimous opinion

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@Olmor linked some useful existing discussions, so this thread will be closed as a duplicate.


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