Why are Extra Teams Slots so expensive?

Purchasing an extra team costs 100 gems and goes up by 50 every time you buy one. What I can’t understand is why.

Extra teams are purely a convenience. They don’t give you any in-game benefit. In fact, they don’t really do anything apart from helping you keep track of which heroes you are levelling or stopping you having to scroll all the way down to Red every time you are in a war or any number of other ways of avoiding wasting time.

I honestly can’t see why the ability to add and delete team slots isn’t available for free. A quick look on the forum suggests you are allowed 16 teams max, at which point you’d be charged around 600 gems for the last upgrade! That’s the cost of two pulls for something that incurs no advantage and just makes the game more enjoyable for some people.

I just don’t get it.


Yes it is that simple: SG is a corporation and they need to earn money. Think about the workers and the boats and houses and wifes of all board members.

Every single gem helps.

Thank you for your help :smiley:


Even that doesn’t make sense. Doing pulls is addictive and win or lose creates the “just one more go” feeling. Adding team slots is not addictive (well not unless you have serious personality defects). :smiley:

I am sure somebody will pay for it

I once accidentaly bought one. I wanted to increase hero capacity, wasn’t paying enough attention and hit the wrong button. Worst spent 100 gems ever… I can’t think of any in-game more useless thing than a extra team slot… I have 91 locked heroes in my rooster, and I never used more than 4 team slots: 1. Raiding 2. Titans 3. Farming 4. Defense. Never needed a team slot for anything else.

I remember levelling up a little while ago and it gave me 5 extra slots! Take it this only happens once or twice?

I think you mean extra spots in your roster for more heroes. That happens when you level up.

What the OP is referring to is team slots. I’m a neat freak so I like having them to organize my teams by defense, colours and titan.


Hi new to game first forum post.
How do you add new team groups
I have expanded my number of slots, but can’t see how to add to teams ie 5+?

Welcome to the forum. If you’re referring to extra team slots you can buy them with gems from the shop.

Actually I know a lot of players who have never expanded their team slots. For me I can never have too many, but I’m too cheap to keep adding them.

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I just bought an EIGHTH team slot and I named it “Tha DEUCE”. It’s for my 2* tourney team. 6 war teams and a steady Defensive team. It’s all a personal choice. Enjoy the game how you like it.
Me? I’m a goon!

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Thanks @Rohn you removed your post and now my post is in answer to ?? :grin:

Ok I see it there. Thanks.

sorry i was reading it as more slots for heroes capacity, then reread

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i also never extended mine

Hey @princess1 what was this reply to???:crazy_face:

I just like to post random answers to unasked questions :rofl:


Wait, you can NAME team slots?

Why did I not know this?

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I use two of the five , for hero’s I’m queing for upgrade. So be nice to have a couple more for teams.
If I have 100 gems left after , wonderland or Alantis or Christmas… Feb hotm haha I may buy a team space.

Aw hells yeah! Alpha-Foxtrot, D-Fence & Tha Deuce!

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