Why are epic and legendary hero's hard to summon

Why is it so hard to summon epic and legendary hero’s? Am I doing it wrong

There is no right or wrong- it statistics at play and probability is clearly stated. That being said, I read on this forum that collecting 20 at once from TC 20 increases your chances. I’m trying that now (so I can form my own opinion lol). I will be playing for one year in August. I have > 30 5* from pulls currently, but I do big pulls when I decide to try. I pull 10-30 depending on the event (I only pull during special events or Atlantis). I have gotten 5,5* in one pull and only 3* in the next. Good luck to you:)


Morning folks,

Have you got a source for that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

What are you doing currently?

Are you aware that the odds of any summons are published in the game and that they are very small?

What level are your training camps? These are the best ways to get higher level heroes.

Do you have some of the rare ascension materials? Epic and Legendary heroes need these to get to the higher levels.

Sorry if that’s obvious, but we need some more info on your starting point.

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