Why are Drake Fong, Joon and Poseidon better flank/wing than White Rabbit?

Drake Fong, blind is a very powerful skill and he can blind up to 3 targets :slight_smile:

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She is? I think you’re playing a different game than I am.

Hi Rduke77, according to titanmafia ladder (wich the topic talks about) yes, she is.

Is that based on quantity or win rate? I’m guessing quantity, because her win rate has to be the worst of the lot. I don’t remember the last time I lost to a Telly tanked team.

It’s based on how many heroes are in the top positions in average, you can think players as staple and randoms.

A staple is most likely a player with a very good defense as for example the Ninja trio, Frigg and Odin where a random can be your familiar older meta defense, GTV plus a holy and a dark hero.

Random get to top positions by raiding rather than by just winning defenses, once he get there he start going up/down the ladder as he win/lose cups.

Availability: quality heroes who are strong yet more common than stronger counterparts are the most likely to appear together within the strongest ones in the top 100, it isn’t unusual to see S1 snipers in some defenses just like it’s more common to see a Telluria tank rather than a Black Knight/Garnet/Frigg tank for example.

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