Why are Drake Fong, Joon and Poseidon better flank/wing than White Rabbit?

From “https://titanmafia.com/”, the best yellow for flank/wing is Odin. Drake Fong is second, Joon Costume is third, Joon normal is fourth, and Poseidon is fifth.
White Rabbit is like Drake Fong but deal more damage and reduce defense instead of accuracy. White Rabbit have higher overall base stat than Drake Fong, Joon normal and Poseidon.
But White Rabbit never appear in top 10 list, why ?
I have no idea.

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Mostly because of availability, otherwise why would Telluria still be the #1 tank?


I don’t think it is because of availability. The top-10 list data collect from top-100 teams not from every player. I don’t think availability have much effect on those top-100 player. Finley and White Rabbit are about the same rarity but Finley is the best left wing because of his skill is very good for that position.

Availability definitely has a great influence, just think about Joon and Fighter Joon.

Fighter Joon is clearly better but “historically” the normal Joon had a higher apppearence rate.

Finley and White Rabbit have the same rarity but they doesn’t share the same summons’ pool (unlike Frigg, Odin & CO.) so it could be due to player’s summoning preferences over availability.

Maybe the guy who made the list doesn’t like furries.

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In the past, it is true that the normal Joon had a higher apppearence rate.
Joon can be produce from TC20. This make him much less rarity.
If you compare apppearence rate of Joon Costume and normal Joon, it is true that availability have effect.
But today, Joon Costume had a higher apppearence rate, even Joon Costume is rarer than normal Joon.
Because Joon Costume’s overall ability is clearly better normal Joon’s overall ability.
And this overall ability different have more effect than availability.

Finley and White Rabbit doesn’t share the same summons pool but White Rabbit and Jabberwock do share the same summons pool.
Jabberwock is the best right wing and also number 6 in most apppearence hero in top-100. If White Rabbit never appear in top 10 because of player’s summoning preferences, Jabberwock shouldn’t be number 6 in most apppearence hero in top-100.

Are you a top-100 or top-200 raid player ?

Top 200 raider, however I also collect “top 100 samples” for titanmafia from time to time :wink:

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Oh top-200 raid player!, thank for answer my post. About you opinion, between White Rabbit, Drake Fong, Joon Costume, Poseidon and Joon normal. Who is number 2,3,4,5,6 for yellow flank/wing ?

I’m not too familiar with the factors that are taken into account when creating these rankings, but they may look at overall synergy between different colour heroes, rather thank ranking heroes of each colour in a vacuum.

Finley and Frigg are, widely regarded, as arguably the best blue and green hero. If you hypothetically build an ideal team, one or both of them, would most likely be featured. In that case White Rabbits “usefulness” would be diminished, being the 2nd or 3rd def down hero of the team, whereas Drake Fongs blind adds something new to the team, or cJoon sniping someone.

White Rabbit is an excellent hero individually, but Finley and Frigg tend to do his job better, which may affect his “ranking”.


I tend to agree with the factors such as:

  • availability
  • those who have Rabbit usually are big spenders who have DF/Odin as well
  • DF’s blind is better than def down as it cripples enemies offensively and not defensively (so they can’t fight back which in this meta is stronger than being vulnerable to future attacks); wings usually fire when not many allies are left to take advantage of the -def, their job is to be the last resort/lucky winner
  • Monks resist all ailments, Clerics only mana gen
  • Other def down heroes are popular currently among big spenders and Rabbit is redudant there

For me, it’s an emblem thing. In Drake’s / Joon’s class the only one competing is Jabber and I can give emblem’s to both Drake & Jabber. In the rabbit’s class, there is Kunchen, Mother, Ariel, Grazul (back in the GTV days), Vivi (with costume) and Rigard. I prefer embleming Drake and some of the healers :man_shrugging:

(I also fear Drake’s blind a bit more, but that is less clear).


@YaraEuP I think your answer is best answer. @Vino and @Suicide_Bunny can answer why do Drake and Joon have higher apppearence? But don’t much explain why do Poseidon have higher apppearence rate than White Rabbit?

Poseidon (Fighter) also have less emblem competitor in his class than Rabbit’s class. This is why even Poseidon still have higher apppearence rate than White Rabbit.

Thank you, YaraEuP, Vino, Suicide_Bunny.

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Was going to mention emblems aswell as monk fighter rouge are normally used by people on wings due to there abilitys.

@u2371 White rabbit comes around every 5 months (maybe more now with new events)
Poseidon is available at every atlantis once a month may not be featured that’s prob 4 times a year but still available.

As I mention before, availability do have effect but only small effect in for top-100.
The main effect that make Poseidon had a higher apppearence rate is emblem.
Poseidon (Fighter) also have less emblem competitor in his class than Rabbit’s class.

Class ability also do have effect but only small effect too. (If Finley were Cleric, people would still use him.)

@YaraEuP, @FraVit93, @Vino, @Dudeious.Maximus, @Suicide_Bunny and @u2371.

You mentioned some aspects such as the class of the hero, synergy and availability, but I would like to make you a question:

If you had all of them (Drake, Joon, Poseidon and White rabbit), which one would you choose, just taking into account their abilites?

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I see yah pov, finley is a different hero no one else does his special. Poseidon jooon rabbit are snipers with different secondary skills, Drake is a hard hitter. Either is good in that position.

I’d personally take Drake. Blind to 3 beats def down to 1 by miles. Damage is very much comparable. The timer reset when healed is a nuance that hardly ever matters.

Joon is one I have (costumed) and while he’s great, I’d replace him with Drake every time (blind is just too good). Poseidon imho worst of them all. Good he gets a costume :rofl:


Well guin is my tank and I do rainbow. So none hahaha.
If I had a different tank I’d prob choose rabbit as got jabberwok for a bit of family bounus.

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@Silencio My opinion about flank/wing yellow. (and just taking into account their abilites)
Number 1 : Odin
Number 2 : Drake Fong
Number 3 : Joon Costume
Number 4 : White Rabbit
Number 5 : normal Joon
Number 6 : Poseidon

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Ignoring Odin (best flank, either best or second-best wing)

Flank (strongly prefer AoE over snipers)

  1. Drake
  2. White Rabbit (second because blind 3 better than def down one)
  3. no strong preference, whichever sniper is available


  1. Drake: blind 3
  2. costumed Joon or Poseidon (fighter class)
  3. no strong preference between White Rabbit and Joon
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