Why are buffs/damage over time imposed when attack is evaded?

Didn’t want to submit this as a bug report, because I found a reference to this system response in a thread from 2018, but I couldn’t find a thread on why it is actually the case. That’s probably due to me using the wrong search terms, so please feel free to merge this with an existing thread.

Some heroes have the innate ability to evade attacks or at least have them as a special attack, while others can be emblemed to gain this ability. But even if a hero manages to evade a special attack (meaning they take no damage), they are still assigned the buffs (such as decreased attack/defense) or damage over time (fire, water, poison, etc.) from the attacker. Has SGG ever explained the logic behind this?

It doesn’t really bother me, since it applies equally to offense and defense, but I’m still curious as to the reasoning behind it.


Evade specifically states that it only applies to direct damage:

Margaret, on the other hand, states that the hero dodges special attacks that deal damage, so in her case, both the damage and the debuff(s) are dodged as a single action.

But yes, it doesn’t make complete sense to me either that a rogue could dodge the direct damage from a flaming attack yet still be set on fire. And I don’t think that Margaret can dodge a DoT, though it is technically a special attack that does damage.


Also, monk class’ “Withstand” effect takes the direct damage and dodges the ailments, so if evade dodged both it wouldn’t be very balanced


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