Why are battle items locked to a team?!

This is a major annoyance tbh. Needing to swap battle items twice before you fight because you decided to take Team 2 and you cant use battle items that are locked on Team 1.

Please fix this.


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It’s been a long time since I was at that stage of the game, and I’m not in a position to check easily, but I think the problem is that you don’t yet have enough battle items stockpiled to equip multiple teams, so the limited resources stay with the team they are assigned to first. If I’m right, as you manufacture items in your forges and accumulate them from loot then this problem should go away.
I have enough of everything that I can’t check my hypothesis to confirm it for sure.

Ehm, that’s pretty obvious dude. Question is why should it be that way?

Troops are not locked but BI are??

I’d assume the difference is that the items are consumed while the troops are infinitely reusable. Maybe at some point people were upset that their items went ‘missing’ from their team and complained, but I’m only guessing at the reasoning the devs used.
Easiest fixes from the player side are to accumulate resources and do crafting until it isn’t a problem, and to post here and see if it’s intentional design or just an odd oversight bug that might get corrected in a future update.

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But I’m laaaazy! I don’t want to craft! (And that’s true).

I came across this again yesterday. Was wishing that the items wouldn’t actually “count” until your team actually went off to battle… :wink:

Not sure what the original poster is saying.

I only have 1 Time Stop, it will let me assign it to multiple teams.

I don’t have this issue either.
It may say 0 under the item count but I can still click it and add it to multiple teams.

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I’ve seen this sorta: When I assign items to my first team (say arrows), that item goes down in my inventory by 5, 10 or 20…whatever is the correct number of a full set of that item, HOWEVER, it only goes down once, one full set of that item.

I just tried this now, and it’s true in the new version of the game. :slight_smile:

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