Why are all the yellow Monks? [evolved into mostly a joke thread]

Why, why are all the yellow - Monks ?? Where to get so many emblems?


I saw logic, even when the theme of classes of heroes first appeared. Already looking at the picture, you can understand the class. I am a little artist, and I knew it right away. Neither characteristics nor skills, but a purely visual component initially determine the class of heroes. Look at the photos! :wink:

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I think this is a good example of how opinions can be lopsided once an idea is planted.

I could totally see Leonidas as a barbarian- look at those muscles! :muscle:


I get all of them except Leonidas. How is the famous Warrior King of Sparta a Monk?

Warrior King from the history books not game lore


I don’t know about Wu Kong either. Don’t lions travel in prides?

Because they are “Holy”

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It’s an Easter Egg

A little homage to little remembered late 90s boy band - The Golden Boys.

They had one song — (loosely translated)

(dang girl) talk to the hand (ooooooh baby baby yea ugh - for real)

that cracked the top 100 for a week in Germany — before getting bumped by David Haselhoff

They kind of imploded after The front man — Wu “The Mad Ginger” Kong — was kicked from the Group for consistently missing shows and Leo married a famous actress and moved to Hollywood to open a regional chain of rejuvenation day spa / clinics.

Obviously — someone has a good memory and fondness for Gospel R&B Inspired German Techo Country pop…


Don’t forget Bane and Gan Ju.

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Looks like Jabbar is a black (purple) sheep

It’s annoying to me that both Wu Kong and Wilbur are monks. I use both extensively for titans.

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my question also. 2 of the classic holy heroes are monk (Joon & Leo). Also 2 of the classic ice heroes are paladin (Thorne and Richard) and 2 of the classic Nature heroes are druid (kadilen & Horghall). maybe its just the game logic that associate one color with certain type.

Anyway because the topic in this thread is Monk, I think some of the current monk heroes should be assigned new type based on their look only.

Out of the classic heroes, i think only Joon is “monk” enough. Leo look like a barbarian. Drake fong is a fighter for me. li xiu can be a rougue or sorcerer. And Bane… why is he a monk? Wu is quite unique, based on his journey to the west story, i think he is actually a rougue who become a monk.

For s2 heroes, Tarlak is a monk… okay i can deal with that, although if they made him a paladin I also do not mind with that (he is the protector of the forrest isn’t he?). However why is Wilbur a monk? he is a fisherman lol. But what else can he be? barbarian? palladin? its like he got the monk class because actually no class suit him best.

Anyway my comment is solely based on appearance, and to be honest, actually the monk class give those heroes great advantage due to the resist tallent.

woah wait, huh, what?


It’s very niche musical genre. Think Rammstein meets Johnny Cash meets Sandi Patty.


I must hear this music. NOW.

Links please?

LOL aren’t you the one with the wiki’d sense of humour?

PS humour is spelled wrong in your title.


I’m deadly serious - if such music exists, I want to hear it. I’d probably love it.

I didn’t create the title. One of the mods did. I assume they gave it the Murican spelling due to the fact that I’m Murican. Either spelling works for me.

I would love it too, but I doubt that I’ll be able to find

as a front man of a band.

But hey, if I find anything close I’ll let you know.

Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails is pretty cool.

Are we sufficiently OT yet @Math4lyfe?


Am already familiar with that one, and :heart: it (being a fan of both Cash [R.I.P.] and NIN)

Would be awesome if something like that became a regular genre.

Oops… excessive off-topicness. Already gotten one penalty today, lemme try to get back on topic.

I just assumed that the reason for all the yellows being monks / all the monks being yellow is because yellow = holy and monks are supposed to be holy. Admittedly a mostly lazy and generic generalization. Drake, Joon, Li, sure. Though any of those three could also easily be reclassified as rogues or fighters.

Neither Wu nor Leo make sense as monks. Unless you’re meaning “monk” as being short for “monkey”.

But whatever. It’s a game based on fictional lore and characters. It doesn’t have to make sense.


Is this record for fastest forum question about all monks seem to yellow to Johnny Cash references?


Johnny was quite Mon-Cash

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