Why are all the Atlantis pulls 3 star characters?

Who has made any reasonable pull this Atlantis?

It’s very discouraging that one gets to pull for the 10th time this Atlantis and they are all 3 star characters. It’s a done deal for me. I’m never spending a dime on this anymore and never going to encourage all my referrals to throw in anything. Check my Alliance and same thing. Everyone is complaining.

Well, SMALL GIANT GAMES, you lose getting my money and any from my referrals since this is just a way to drain peeps of their little bucks.


If everyone thought like you we’d have a powerful voice together

Unfortunately everyone else is addicted and spends so SG aren’t really listening



Everyone gets screwed. That’s how they get money.

Actually not true - a friend did one pull and got…

There are no guarantees when summoning. Keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.

I had free coins and pulled Gill-ra. Twice! Not surprising there is a higher probability of pulling a rare season 2 hero than any other :cry:.


I did 8 coin pulls and got (1) 5*, (6) 4s and (2) 3s…while that isn’t the norm it was interesting.


Oh my…
I did 30 pull yesterday, got 1 season one legendary and two Kingston. And I decided to do no more pull this time.
Just now I saw your post, and said to myself, mmm, why not try one more time , not a big deal maybe I will be lucky like this guy.

And here you go

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Congrats… :star_struck::tada:

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Thanks, and wish you good luck too, this lucky pull was entirely inspired by your post. Ursena is no1 one on my wishlist.


Good luck. Enjoy what you’ve got.

No more spending my bucks on it.

The pull in this game is generally disappointing. I have been enjoying the game much more than before since I learned to control my spending instead of setting target for a particular hero.


I had 11 coin pulls, 7 fours and 4 threes. 2 of the fours were new to me.


Knowing my luck in Atlantis, pulling any 5 * will be a miracle…

@Don, my very 1st free pull was Ursena followed by dupes Wu and Sumi but overall a solid summons.

Then look at my next summons, Gil-Ra, Gil-Ra-Oberon, Gil-Ra, chochin, Triton, chochin.

RNG is a fickle mistress, she rewards you when you least expect it and disappoints you more often than not.
I’ve also pulled Hel, Kingston and 3 Frida’s along with Grazul when really expecting Graymane and Friar Fluck.
It’s all part of the game. The more chances you take the better the odds the RNG will throw you a bone, or in my case (usually) the more Chochins I have.

Try not to overspend, don’t go with “guy feelings”, trust me, it’s just gas. Set your budget and stick to it, all these events will be back along with all the heroes unless you end up rage quitting.
Play with what you have, you certainly don’t need the shiniest new HotM to compete. Just look at what you DO have and level them heroes that improve your team overall. Good Luck my friend. I hope RNG looks on you with favor soon


I got you. Not spending anymore. Either I earn it while playing or let it pass.

Good luck with your great pulls.


I am now only spending on really good specials. The pulls are terrible. I did a 2 10x and only got the HOTM…which I already had one of so now I have two. The percentage is about 1.2% chance of getting a 5 star.

Lol @Don, I rarely get lucky. I somehow manage to pull the HotM like Margaret, Anzogh and skip ones like Seshat. I guess RNG May have felt sorry for me…finally? Or just wasn’t paying attention and will make me pay for the next 6 months :joy:

But Thank you, and I hope those 3* become 5* very soon

Guess what, this whole thing pretty sucks and keeps sucking.

From my accumulated Atlantis coin, I made my 11th pull and yet another 3 star, Jahangir.

Can someone tell me this is not witch hunting or may be some locations are favoured more than others. I’m just never putting a dime in there. Anyone who cares to make EP richer can ride on with spending. Like I said earlier, I’m done giving them any penny.

I did a total of 13 pulls so far. 11 3*, Gormek, and Zimkitha! I’m over the moon about Zim!

11 3*… Now that makes us even. Good someone else felt this so it doesn’t seem as if I’m talking down on EP.

Congrats on getting Zim.

13 pulls is hardly enough to draw any conclusions… Averages are not guarantees. The fact that I even got a 5* out of 13 pulls at all blows the percentage rates out of the water.

I didn’t “feel” anything related to pulling 11 3*…