Why are all players saying Tavern of Legends odds are terrible?

Odds are 1% for featured 5*, same as challenge events and festival, towers, season 3, 4 and 5 or am I misinterpreting the %? Opinions and experiences please

Problem that I personally see with this portal is that it’s very saturated, compared to other portals. Outside of the wanted heroes, there are many people don’t care for. Also, if you don’t happen to snag a hero you’d like (ie. a past HoTM with costume or even another HoTM without a costume) you’re odds of walking away with a S1 3*/4* fodder is pretty much all there is.

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I think because here is the biggest chance to summon a S1 hero (except for daily portals, of course). :woozy_face:

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let’s go because taverna das legends if when you’re going to summon only 3* heroes from s1 then it becomes a summoning portal in my opinion horrible.


There are 2 main reasons.

You have very small chance to get specific hero compared to other events. (Especially when you want non costumed HotM because they will never be featured again most likely)

There are no good 4* and 3* so its much harder to pull anything usefull than from other portals.


Here’s the reason from @Radar1 100%. If you do a 10 pull from Dunes and get no 5 stars heroes but get Azmia, Junaid, Ptolemy and Ahhotep…you feel like that was a useful pull. Any 4 stars you pull from TOL you already have so it’s just food…and wasted coins.


It’s mostly due to the terribleness of the odds.

(The 3 and 4-star examples others point out is also a factor)

I think challenge odds are higher, something massive/humongous like .3%?

I’ve never had any luck at all in ToL, it’s alter ego the costume chamber is great at giving out to me.

Cause the odds stink. I regretted the 30 tavern pulls for $30. Stink-a-roo.

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Imagine getting aeron from this portal…

It just feels like a very ungrateful portal, as there´s no chance to get anything decent, other than the rare rare rare five star heroes. Sadly so. Good luck though :four_leaf_clover:


I still remember February last year… I was saving coins for a few months, spent three times more money than usually and all I got was 3* and 4* heroes. No Hotm, no missing 5* S1 heroes, just a huuuuge disappointment and regret.


Aww, I´ve been there - only with a 10 x summon. I can´t believe I actually spent that many gems on such a portal :broken_heart: I even uploaded my result on the forum here, so I can remind myself!


So when I used to do some regular spending on the game in first lockdown during period couldn’t use the money going to football matches like normal. The one deal I used to allow myself was the final day coins plus flasks for 28.99

It was at the time the cheapest 30 pull (believe still is), plus at that stage I had time to sit farming Atlantis so flasks were useful too. At that point power creep hadn’t taken over as much and the old HotMs were still really relevant. I was missing loads and not chasing a particular one or two.

Over the time buying those deals I got:
Thoth Amun
Musashi x 2
Frida x 2
Jean Francois
Along with a few other S1 5s that I didn’t have.

Sure I didn’t get a Hel, Miki or Evelyn but, it was worthwhile for me. Different players spending different amounts elsewhere may have different needs, if you’re chasing a specific hero probably not great, but if a large number of the older ones would help you and you are looking for a value deal it’s not as bad as it’s made out to be.

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Maya220 - i did one 30 pull (cheaper than all the other portals) and got 3 heroes incl the then current hero of the month. Most other alliance members pulled at least 2 heroes. Not bad at all.